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Lisbon Festivities
Extraordinary Formations: Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble

Premiere of works ordered to Rui Penha and Carlos Caires by Jerome Combier Gone   SOND’AR-TE ELETRIC ENSEMBLE Direction: Guillaume Bourgogne Sílvia Cancela Flute Nuno Pinto Clarinet Vítor Vieira Violin Jorge Alves Guitar Luís André Ferreira Cello João Casimiro Almeida Piano João Dias Percussion

Lisbon Festivities

The 2022 Festas de Lisboa will get underway to the sound of Tito Paris, a central figure in Cape Verdean music. Celebrating 40 years in the business, the artist will be joined onstage by singers Paulo Gonzo, Cremilda Medina, Joana Amendoeira and Djodje at the Torre de Belém. Born in Mindelo, Cape Verde, on 30 […]

Lisbon Festivities
Extraordinary Formations : Singing Admont

  CANTANDO ADMONT, Vocal Ensemble Beat Furrer, A sei voci Miguel Azguime, Language Building “Encomenda Miso Music Portugal com o apoio da Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation” Olivier Messiaen, Cinq Rechant Beat Furrer, Herbst   Direction: Cordula Bürgi Singers: Friederike Kühl, Anna Piroli, Elina Viluma-Helling, Liz Irvine, Therese Troyer, Helena Sorokina, Suyoung Ham, Sebastian Taschner, […]

Lisbon Festivities
Cheira a Lisboa (Smells Like Lisbon)

It is mostly the songs which have survived to the present day, timeless hits like Cheira a Lisboa, Mocidade or Zé Cacilheiro, amongst others, performed by great stars such as Anita Guerreiro, António Calvário or José Viana. These songs are of a highly popular nature and are where the stories of Parque Mayer and the […]

April in Lisbon
Sérgio Godinho with guests

What comes to mind when I think I’ll be at Campo Pequeno on 23 April? Lisbon, of course. My familiarity with this city came in part from my experience of its concert halls, their vibrancy and sense of togetherness. Their audiences know, and took with them that which they had given to me. And now […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Rão Kyao – Tribute to Gandhi

The challenge was set by the Indian government: one musician per country could recreate “Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahiye”, the song that Gandhi listened to most and which became something of an unofficial anthem of the Indian nation. The version by Portuguese musician Rão Kyao (who studied in India, the influences of which are very […]

Christmas in Lisbon
SODADE – Tribute to Cesária Évora

Sodade – Tribute to Cesária Évora is a show marking two historically symbolic dates: the birth of Cesária Évora (she would have celebrated her 80th birthday on 27 August) and her departure ten years ago, on 17 December, 2011. This double commemoration led to the reunion of the band that accompanied her on so many […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Singing Christmas

Different generations of the Lisbon Cantat Chamber Choir and orchestra, conducted by Cesário Costa, come together to perform traditional Portuguese Christmas songs, written by Lopes-Graça, Sampayo Ribeiro and Eurico Carrapatoso. The programme will also feature orchestral works by Italian Baroque composers, including Corelli, Manfredini and Torelli. The venue for this concert will be the Sagrado […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Mano a Mano

Brothers André and Bruno Santos, two of the most renowned guitarists in Portugal, form the duo Mano a Mano, bringing together their guitars and Madeiran chordophones to celebrate the season of Christmas and its emblematic songs, focusing on jazz and traditional Madeiran repertoire. Besides their arrangements, André and Bruno Santos have also created their own […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Teresa Salgueiro – Portuguese Christmas

A Christmas concert with a difference from one of Portuguese music’s most iconic vocalists. Teresa Salgueiro’s show will transport us to a place where melodies of the past and echoes of a bygone childhood are mixed with musical arrangements created specifically for José Peixoto’s classical guitar, Fábio Palma’s accordion, Sofia Queirós’ double bass and Rui […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Gospel Collective

At this year’s Christmas in Lisbon, the Gospel Collective will be revisiting some of the best-known black spirituals, remembering the African diaspora and their faith-based hope during the days of slavery. But there’ll also be plenty of your favourite Christmas hymns. The concert will take place at Graça Church, an 18th-century place of worship and […]

Christmas in Lisbon
The Christmas Vilancicos of Iberia and Dan Luz Al Sol Ensemble

Vilancicos were a  popular form of music at Christmas in 16th and 17th-century Iberia and its colonies. From Portugal the black vilancicos of Santa Cruz de Coimbra are admirable examples of the mixing of cultures. This is also visible in the motets of Gaspar Fernandes, who emigrated from Portugal to Guatemala and Mexico. From Spain, […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Christmas recipes with produce from the vegetable garden

What recipes can we make using produce from the horta (vegetable garden)? The Hortas de Lisboa exhibition is the inspiration for this Christmas’ greenest recipes.