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Christmas in Lisbon
Oriental Xmas

This celebration organized by the Hindu Community of Portugal intends to invite everyone to celebrate Christmas in an original way. In addition to guided visits to the Radha Krishna Temple, the festival will also include music, Bollywood-style dancing, balloon modeling and Indian cuisine. Since the opening of the Radha Krishna temple in 1998 […]

Lisbon on the street
Silent Festival

In 2017, Festival Silêncio returns to present to the public a program in which everyone has their say. With a transdisciplinary and participative program, Festival Silêncio celebrates the word as a vehicle of knowledge and as an act of creation. For four days, the word travels through different genres and languages, favoring its crossing […]

Lisbon on the street
Marvila's Days

Topias Urbanas is an opportunity to unexpectedly enter the spaces of the parish of Marvila. There are three days of performances, walks, conversations, games and video projections, conceived by a group of artists, architects and social scientists who for 10 months frequented this place and worked in close proximity to some of its inhabitants. […]

Lisbon festivals
Colloquium “Devotion of Saint Anthony in Portugal and Brazil”

International colloquium dedicated to the devotion to Saint Anthony which, in Portugal and Brazil, occupies a very special place within popular religiosity. Anthropology and History's view of a cult that has become global in its affinities and diversities. With the organization of this colloquium, the Lisbon Museum gives yet another […]

Lisbon festivals
Soy Loco por Ti, America – Playing with Words

Reading of the short story “O Agente Laranja and the Apple of Love” by Chico César, followed by a writing workshop for children

Lisbon festivals
Soy Loco por Ti, America – Touring Ecuador (second part)

Readers: Ana Água, André Gago and Catarina Aidos Musician: Ricardo Riqueira Host: Nuno Miguel Guedes

Lisbon festivals
Soy Loco por Ti, America – Touring Ecuador

Readers: Paula Cortes, José Anjos and Carla Badillo Coronado Musician: Ian Carlo Mendoza Host: Nuno Miguel Guedes

Lisbon festivals
I'm Crazy About You, America - Discover or Brazil

Readers: Matilde Campilho, Daniel Rocha Leite, Mariano Moravatto and Adriana Calcanhotto Musician: Luís Bastos Host: Nuno Miguel Guedes

April in Lisbon
Days of Remembrance

10:00 – 18:00 Collection of Testimonies – Reception of Objects The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy is inseparable from the recovery of our past-present. If you have memories of resistance and imprisonment, experienced by you or by friends and family, come share them with us at the Museu do Aljube Resistencia e Liberdade, which has been in the […]

April in Lisbon
Prisonable Lives: Diana Andringa

Diana Andringa is the guest of this conversation, which is part of a cycle organized by the Aljube Resistance and Freedom Museum, which aims to collect testimonies from former political prisoners in Aljube or other political prisons of the Military Dictatorship and the Estado Novo (1926-1974). Diana Andringa joined Vida Mundial magazine in 1968, from where she left the […]

Lisbon inside
Prisonable Lives: Margarida Tengarrinha

Conversation with Margarida Tengarrinha, conducted by Ana Aranha Vidas Prisionáveis is a program that gathers the testimonies of former political prisoners and those who resist the dictatorship.