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Lisbon festivals
Legend of the Emperor WU TI

In a small theater there is an ancient legend about the origin of Chinese shadows. Then, each participant will build their own shadow puppet, inspired by the characters in the story.

Lisbon festivals
Colors in Motion

Colors have a very special characteristic: they can be mixed and give rise to more colors and many tones. On second thought, it's the same with ideas, which intertwine with each other to form new thoughts. Mixing primary colors creates new colors. Likewise, the ideas raised by each color awaken […]

Lisbon festivals
The Public Receives

The Público goes to the Theater counts on the participation of around 70 people, distributed among the three groups of the project – children, adults and teachers. Each group has followed a specific program that integrates various activities, including guided tours of the theater, shows and rehearsals, meetings with the creative teams and conversations between […]

Lisbon festivals
a lot of junk little junk

Choosing is not an easy task. Choosing what to take for the trip isn't either. There's always something we can miss… Who hasn't felt like taking the whole house? Unaccustomed to travelling, the Querido couple decide to go and see their niece Manuela participate in a car race. But before […]

Lisbon festivals
Now I was an Indian!

Workshop on plastic expression and construction of musical instruments. We are going to travel to Brazil and discover how Pedro Álvares Cabral's encounter with the Indians was. How was the daily life of the Indians? Where did they sleep? What did they eat? How did they have fun? How many languages do you speak? And you, do you like to play Indians? So join […]