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Lisbon on the street
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Focused on arousing interest and curiosity about the history of Lisbon, its territory and population, as well as supporting innovation and contemporary creative, artistic and cultural work, with a focus on young artists and students, strengthening ties with the community and promote public participation and dialogue through […]

Lisbon on the street
Parallel Review Lisbon 2021

From the 9th of September, in the outer space of the Alvalade Market, there will be a retrospective with a selection of artists who have participated in the project since its foundation in 2017: Extended Atlas. This exhibition is curated by Sandra Vieira Jürgens. On Saturday 11th September, in the gardens of the Museum of […]

This month...
Trezena de Santo António

This party extends to the rest of the month, complemented by the cultural program that the Museum of Lisbon – Santo António organizes in partnership with EGEAC/Programação em Espaço Pública. 1st June 18:00 Beginning of the Trezena. Ensemble of teachers from AMAC – Musical Academy of Children's Friends. Harp, violin, flute and clarinet. Repertoire: […]

New Year's Eve

With joy and hope for 2021, we launch this challenge for the night of December 31, so that all home concerts become a great collective musical moment. Follow the example of Áurea, Catarina Furtado, Fernando Mendes, Filomena Cautela and João Baião. Let yourself be inspired, watching here and in ours […]

Christmas in Lisbon
play fado

A game with Fado especially aimed at children, from Lisbon's historic districts. Bringing together texts by Alexandre Honrado, David Machado, Filipa Martins, José Fialho Gouveia, Mafalda Arnauth, Maria Inês Almeida, Nuno Camarneiro, Rodrigo Costa Félix and Tiago Torres da Silva, we propose a special Christmas concert from […]

Lisbon on the street
another look

An installation in public space, national premiere, by the artist duo known as Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas, who have been creating inflatable works of art for over 20 years. His fascinating and pioneering interventions capture the imagination of unprepared passersby and have managed to create a unique niche in the international art movement […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Shamata and Metta Meditation – Portuguese Buddhist Union

In the Western world, the Christmas season is associated with the highest qualities of human experience: peace, joy, love, compassion and brotherhood among men. For Buddhists, these qualities are the basis of their spiritual training and lead to the awakening of compassion, the awakening of an innate capacity for […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Ismaili Center

We opened the doors of Centro Ismaili, the home of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community in Portugal, for three guided tours and two concerts. An opportunity to discover a unique building that harmoniously combines the Islamic architecture of the East with the architectural tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. The sumptuous gardens, still unknown to many Lisboners, tell […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Oriental X'mas

Oriental X'MAS is a celebration, organized by the Hindu Community of Portugal, which opens the doors of its temple to everyone, inviting them to celebrate Christmas in an original way. The program includes a guided visit to the Radha Krishna Temple, an Indian music and dance show, followed by a party with traditional food stalls, DJ, […]

Lisbon on the street
Popular – Inatel on the Street

Every Day ANIMATION AND STREET SHOWS; TRADITIONAL GAMES September 12 to 14 Parque das Nações Parque Tejo, 10 pm CONCERTS September 12 REALEJO September 13 O GAJO September 14 STEREOSSAURO – BAIRRO DA PONTE September 19 to 21 Help Largo da Memória September 19 TRADITIONAL BALE – TRADBALS September 20 and 21 Largo da [… ]

Lisbon on the street
Baldaya Palace

With two years of existence, it has already become a cultural reference not only in Benfica, but in the city. To celebrate the second anniversary, the Baldaya Palace hosts a vast and diverse program, which includes cinema, theater, fashion, lots of music and even a vintage festival. BENFICA TO THE MOONLIGHT free admission September 7th 17h […]

Lisbon on the street
White Night

For one night, the city's stores stay open late to celebrate the White Night, which this year expands to more areas. Alvalade, Benfica and Campo de Ourique join the already traditional places of Noite Branca: Baixa and Chiado (Largo 1º de Dezembro, Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, Largo Trindade Coelho and Praça […]

Lisbon on the street
hats on the street

13th September Largo do Intendente 7:00pm OPENING “THE LAST ONE TO GRAB FALL FIRST” Salto – International Circus School 20:00h DJ SEP 14th September Arroios Market 11:00h CIRCO IN THE MARKETS Campo Mártires da Pátria 14:00-18:00 Largo do Intendente 16:00-20:00 STREET SHOWS Campo Martyrs of the Homeland at Largo do Intendente 17h–18h PARADE OF […]

Lisbon festivals
Picnic at the Palace

In the 19th century, Campo Grande was a place of pilgrimage for the fair and the summer. Palácio Pimenta is a good example of this, a former place of vacation and leisure. Two centuries ago, pick up your lunch and discover what picnics were like in the past. The program includes visits to Palácio Pimenta, entertainment from the century […]

Lisbon festivals
keep secret

Guardar Segredo is a set of theater shows that take place inside two wardrobes placed in the public space. There is only one person in each closet. One spectator, one actor, five minutes. What will happen inside is something that should not be known by anyone else. We will talk about different secrets: […]

Lisbon festivals
Lisbon Age – Joins the Family

Lisboa Age – Junta a Família is an event aimed at families in the city of Lisbon, which aims to promote cultural activities in the family. With great emphasis on World Children's Day, children will be able to learn about and experience different professions at the Granja dos Pequeninos.

Lisbon festivals
The Inviter of Fireflies, by António Jorge Gonçalves

António Jorge Gonçalves adapts Ondjaki's book “O Cliente de Pirilampos” to the stage, illustrated by himself. In this show, narrated by Cláudia Semedo, accompanied by clarinetist José Conde, the fear of the dark, freedom and the importance of stories are addressed. With all the scenic magic of the dark.

Lisbon festivals
Vieira da Silva at a Party

This year, the highlight of this party is a video mapping show on the Museum's façade and in Jardim das Amoreiras. An open-air show, starting at 9.30 pm, conceived from scratch, in which the works of Vieira da Silva are the subject of animations, effects and deconstructions by Oskar & Gaspar, to the sound […]

April in Lisbon
April 25 at the Aljube Museum

10:00-18:00 DAYS OF MEMORY A meeting of memories, made up of reports, testimonies and objects from those who visit us to share what they have and what they can leave in the Museum for the knowledge of those who come. Collection of testimonies and objects to enrich the Aljube Museum collection. A partnership of the Museum of […]

April in Lisbon
Bordalo goes to Abrilar… at Jardim Mário Soares

The Bordalo Pinheiro Museum will take you to Jardim Mário Soares. Is it to make political criticism? Certainly. The mascots Zé Povinho and Bordalo invite families and youngsters to think about the importance of freedom of thought, with games and lots of humor.