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Lisbon Festivities
LU.CA, a new theatre for kids

A new municipal theatre has been born on the Calçada da Ajuda. With an eye on the future, and pushing harder to create new audiences for the arts, Lisbon now has a theatre which is exclusively dedicated to art programmes for youngsters. This space has a long history dating back to 1737 when it was […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Antiprincesas | Violeta Parra

At these story-time sessions for boys and girls we will get to know one of the protagonists of the Antiprincesas collection: Violeta Parra, a Chilean singer and composer who lived an extraordinary life and left an enormous legacy. Through the dramatised reading of her life, we will remember a flesh-and blood heroine, whose life was […]

Lisbon Festivities
Now I was an Indian

Workshop for plastic expression and making musical instruments.

Lisbon Festivities
Lots of junk, little junk

In this play, the Querido couple, who is not accustomed to travelling, decide to go and see their niece Manuela. But before the trip they have to pack.  This is when the problems begin.

Lisbon Festivities
The Public welcomes you

On this day in which “The public welcomes you” the theater will be taken symbolically by the participants of the project. They will open the doors and ensure the functioning of all the Theater.

Lisbon Festivities
Colors in Motion

Mixing primary colours creates new colours.  In the same fashion, the ideas spawned by each colour awaken new ideas.  Workshop.

Lisbon Festivities
The legend Of the Emperor WU TI

In a small theatre, an ancient legend is told about the origin of Chinese shadows. Shadow theatre and puppet-making workshop.

Lisbon Festivities
Intrépido Silva

A circus show by José Ramos that attempts to include the audience in various juggling numbers and balancing.

Lisbon Festivities

Games, games, and more games.  It’s Ludopolis’17 – Festival of Fun and Games that will provide around 1,000 games and fun activities.

Lisbon Festivities
Let’s sardinhar

Family activity where we show the winning sardines from the 2017 international creativity contest and challenge each family to create its own sardine.

Lisbon Festivities
Saint Anthony’s Selfie Paper

Starting at Museu de Lisboa – Santo António we invite you to discover Alfama and Mouraria and take the most typical selfie.

Lisbon Festivities
Once upon a time in Palacete das Conchas

The Palacete das Conchas is the protagonist of this guided tour staged by actors embodying the spirit of the sixteenth century.

Lisbon Festivities
Happy Ideas

Five days, five poems, five objects.  This summer, the Casa Fernando Pessoa Education Department returns to the Jardim da Estrela gardens to invite to a workshop for making a toy a day the old-fashioned way.

Lisbon Festivities
Magnetic Stories – A Chicken

The chosen author for this new episode of Magnetic Stories is Clarice Lispector. The story “The Chicken” is combined with the sound of the electric guitar, followed by a workshop.