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April in Lisbon
Memories of April – Video mapping

To mark the 45th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, Praça do Comércio will be staging a 360º, immersive video-mapping show, dedicated to the “Memories of April”. As the name suggests, the show aims to take the audience on a journey into the past, revealing the days in the run-up to the revolution, remembering the day […]

Lisbon Festivities
Lisbon Under Stars

The ruins of the Convento do Carmo will be the screen for a video mapping that will explore more than 600 years of Lisbon’s and Portugal’s history. The great events featured are narrated by Catarina Furtado and accompanied by some of the most important pieces of Portuguese music. There will also be special performances by […]

Lisbon Festivities
Multimedia show and Olharapos

The setting of the canopy of the Portuguese National Pavilion, one of the most iconic buildings of Expo’98, will be transformed into a giant screen made of water, to relive the best moments of the Lisbon World Exposition. We’ll be returning to the past, in this initiative of Associação de Turismo de Lisboa with images from […]

April in Lisbon
And how the Theatre appeared from beneath our feet

In April of 1798, as the city was being rebuilt following the great earthquake of 1755, the completely unexpected happened! From amongst the debris that had been removed in order to create a new street (which would later be called Rua de São Mamede) appeared the ruins of an old Roman theatre. To mark the […]