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Lisbon festivals
Fado no Castelo - Fado is Back - Fado & Flamenco

It was transmitted from generation to generation, through orality and community actions. Without ceasing to be music and poetry of popular origin, it can be said that flamenco is a folklore elevated to art, both for its interpretative singularities and for the complexity of its music. It is an art that communicates through the body: […]

April in Lisbon
Baldaya Palace inauguration

The day when the revolution is celebrated also marks the return of this open space to the parish of Benfica, reflecting the values of April with its cultural appreciation and the opening of the 18th-century palace that belonged to D. Maria Joana Baldaia. The party is made with lots of music, by Orquestra Geração, by Novas Vozes […]

April in Lisbon
Songs for Revolutions

Canções para Revoluções was born from the existence of a common heritage of the Ibero-American peoples – the intervention song or “canción de protesta”, a form of artistic and musical expression closely linked to moments of great social change. While the dictatorships dominated all the media, the songs allowed the message to spread […]

Lisbon inside
Sings Violeta Parra – Homage Concert

Inspired by the full life of Parra, Aline Frazão, Lula Pena, Mísia, Rita Redshoes and Señoritas take to the Capitol stage on April 8 for a tribute concert, under the musical direction of Francisco Rebelo. Words, music and a way of being an artist and a woman that go beyond styles, time and geographic barriers join them.

Lisbon inside
Canta Violeta Parra - Radio Program

At Lisboa por Dentro, we reinvent the radio program Canta Violeta Parra on a weekly basis, on the mornings of Antena 1. As in the original program broadcast on Chilean radio in the 50s, live music will be a constant during the programs, where the artists Aline Frazão, Lula Pena, Mísia, Rita Redshoes […]

Lisbon inside
Mallu Magalhães – Voice and Guitar

Mallu Magalhães learned to play the guitar on her own at the age of nine. It was in the same self-taught way that he threw himself into the banjo, the harmonica, the melodica, the piano and the ukulele. At just 15 years old, Mallu records four songs and makes them available on the internet. Shortly thereafter, she is invited to participate in a television program and […]