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Popular Festivities

Lisbon Festivities
Great Benfica Fair (2017)

As well as having food and drink areas that evoke the popular saints, the Great Benfica Festival also offers a musical programme split over two stages.

Lisbon Festivities
Oliveira Fair (2017)

The Príncipe Real gardens are perhaps not the most obvious setting for a local festivity, but the delights of the Oliveira kiosk are the ultimate tradition in this part of the city.  

Lisbon Festivities
Saint Anthony’s Thrones (2017)

This year, we once again invite the people of Lisbon (native and adopted) to recreate the tradition of Saint Anthony’s Thrones, which dates back to the 18th century, and which EGEAC and the Saint Anthony Museum recovered in 2015. The thrones will bwe exposed in a Street exhibition during two days in june.