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Lisbon Festivities
Trezena to Saint Anthony

  28th may 5.00 pm LISBON ON PARADE Walking-tour showing the preparations for the Festas de Lisboa. Museu de Lisboa – Santo António Free participation upon registration: reservas@museudelisboa.pt     30th may to  5th september FLOWER WALL PANEL DEDICATED TO SAINT ANTHONY The flower wall panel dedicated to Saint Anthony returns to the Largo de […]

Lisbon Festivities
Bairro em Festa 2022 (Party in the Neighbourhood 2022)

Our venues, some highly improvised, will host a range of initiatives, including concerts, family shows and workshops, exhibitions, installations, debates and cinema. In 2022, the slogan is “Transform, Communicate, Resist and Aggregate”, with some of the highlights including photographer Nicole Sánchez’s exhibition “Family for Rent”, performances by Mónica Calle, Margarida Bento and Tiago Vieira, Margarida […]

Lisbon Festivities
Festas in Benfica

4, 11 and 25 june TELL ME A STORY Ludoteca do Palácio Baldaya Margarida Carvalho 11.00 am Storytelling aimed at children and those accompanying them. These fun and educational sessions involve the telling of a traditional story and an activity related to it. A moment of leisure for everyone.   12 and 26 june IN-FINITA […]

Lisbon Festivities
Regionalism in Lisbon – Cultural Meeting

  25th june 2.45 pm Tocá Rufar   3.00 pm Rancho Folclórico da Casa do Povo da Nespereira (Casa do Concelho de Gouveia) Grupo de Cavaquinhos da Casa do Concelho de Castanheira de Pêra Rancho Folclórico e Etnográfico da Casa do Povo de S. Pedro de Alva (Casa do Concelho de Penacova) Rancho da Casa […]

April in Lisbon
April at Museu do Aljube

  16 APRIL 4.00 pm SONG IS A WEAPON A musical conversation with Manuel Pires da Rocha   17 APRIL 10.30 am “DON’T BE FOOLED!” A 2019 “propagandistic tale” by Sérgio Pelágio, aimed at children and youngsters.   19 APRIL 6.00 pm THE REVOLUTION FROM BEHIND A LENS Perspectives and photographs of the resistance and […]

April in Lisbon
April at Teatro São Luiz

On March 24th of this year, we celebrated one more day in democracy than those the country lived in dictatorship, between the military coup of May 28, 1926 and the revolution of April 25, 1974. This symbolic day is the motto for a special program who, celebrating it, commits to memory and seeks to understand […]