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Christmas in Lisbon
Oriental X’MAS

Oriental X’MAS, organized by the Hindu Community of Portugal, aims to bring everyone together in an entertaining and different evening. Established in Portugal since 1975 and the decolonization of Mozambique, this community today comprises around nine thousand members. The Radha Krishna Temple opened in 1998 and has been, from the outset, a space open to […]

April in Lisbon
Memory Days

10am – 6pm Testimonies Recollection The fight for Liberty and Democracy is indivisible from our past-present. If you have resistance and incarceration memories, yours or from your family or friends, please share them with us at Museu do Aljube Resistência e Liberdade. 10.30am Guided Tour Museu do Aljube houses an exhibition that shows the rise […]

April in Lisbon
Imprisonable Lives: Diana Andringa

Diana Andringa is a journalist and she is the guest of Ana Aranha to a talkshow about the stories of former political prisioners.

Lisbon from the inside
Imprisonable Lifes: Margarida Tengarrinha

Ana Aranha talks with Margarida Tengarrinha. Imprisioned Lifes (Vidas Prisionáveis) is a show that recalls the stories of former political prisioners and dictatorship resistance.

April in Lisbon
April of many conversations. Two Museums, a shared patio

Museu do Aljube and the Roman Theatre Museum (18:00 till 21:00) 18:00 – Guided tours of the two museums. 19:00 – Under our feet – one of the city’s oldest patios – a conversation about the Pátio do Aljube with archaeologist Lídia Fernandes. 19:30 – Small and forgotten memories of the Pátio do Aljube – […]

April in Lisbon
Memory Days

Museum open to the public – gathering of testimonies and objects The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy is part of our past, but also our present. If you have memories of resistance and imprisonment, experienced personally or by friends or family members, then come and share them with us at the Museu do Aljube – […]

April in Lisbon
Imprisonable Lives: Raimundo Santos

Raimundo Santos is the guest in this conversation led by Ana Aranha which is part of a series organised by the museum, where testimonies are gathered from former political prisoners at the Aljube and other political prisons of the Military Dictatorship and the Estado Novo (1926-1974). Raimundo Santos was a political prisoner and was tried […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Oriental Xmas

The aim of this celebration organised by the Hindu Community of Portugal is to invite everyone to celebrate Christmas in an original way. In addition to guided tours of the Radha Krishna Temple, the festivities will also include music, Bollywood-style dancing, balloon modelling and Indian cuisine. Since it opened in 1998, as well as being […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Silence Festival

Festival Silêncio is back in 2017 to present the public with a programme in which every ones has a say. With a transdisciplinary and participative programme, Festival Silêncio celebrates the word as a vehicle for knowledge and an act of creation. Over four days, the word will cover different genres and languages, encouraging contact with […]

Lisbon Festivities
Conference “Devotion to Saint Anthony in Portugal and Brazil”

A cult that has become global, the devotion to Saint Anthony is the main theme of this 3 day conference that includes documentaries and live music.