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Lisbon festivals
The Public's Days, The Public goes to the Theater

For three days, Teatro São Luiz opens its doors to the city and presents Os Dias do Público, with a program chosen by the public for the public. The initiative is part of the project O Público Vai ao Teatro, which this season, in Curatorship Laboratories, gave participants the opportunity to meet various professionals from the Theater and to risk the act of programming. In these three days, […]

Lisbon festivals
Theater of Nations

Based on the adaptation of texts by Monty Python, José Figueiredo Costa and Karl Valentin, the Teatro das Nações group stage three stories: Four men, with the account of four men and the difficulties of their lives; Condominium lives, comically portraying the condominium meetings in which everyone loves to participate and The rain I carry in my pocket, the beginning of the work of […]

April in Lisbon
They were there too

A route that starts at Avenida da Liberdade, crosses a door, goes up a flight of stairs, and ends in an old preview room, accompanied by testimonies of women about their experience during the dictatorship of the Estado Novo, on April 25, 1974 and the revolutionary process that followed. Offset […]

April in Lisbon
Courage today hugs tomorrow

Show written from testimonies, letters and memories of women who were arrested by the PIDE during the Estado Novo period. Women who suffered the torture of sleep, of the statue, but above all the torture of being deprived of their freedom. Women who were grandmothers, mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, lovers, partners, comrades. Women who […]

Lisbon on the street
Free entry

Shows September 16th and 17th Sala Garrett 7pm, Saturday 4pm, Sunday Lear from King Lear by William Shakespeare staging: Bruno Bravo Ticket collection at the D. Maria II ticket office, from 2pm, for the sessions of the same day. Limit 2 tickets per person, for an activity of choice, subject to available capacity. […]

Lisbon festivals
São Luiz Teatro Municipal

2:30 pm – Portuguese 4:00 pm – English / English

Lisbon festivals
In June All on Stage

In June Everyone on Stage! is a cycle promoted by Teatro da Garagem, in which the Company residing at Teatro Taborda invites people with whom it establishes a work of proximity and continuity throughout the year to take the stage. It is in this context that the Junior, Youth and Senior Theater Clubs [...]

Lisbon festivals
faith, charity and hope

In this 1932 “comedy”, the Austrian playwright Ödön von Horváth shows us a cynical, petty and selfish society, always ready to dehumanize itself, in a period of economic crisis and spiritual and moral decay. For the author, this could be the title of all his pieces, “because they are all based on a time in which to believe, love and have […]

Lisbon inside
Kaleider – The Money

Can you imagine being part of a theatrical performance in the public sessions room of the Paços do Concelho? In The Money, this is what will happen. It is a theatrical game, where everyone participates and can choose one of two roles – Silent Witness or Player, the latter helping to decide what fate to give […]

Lisbon inside
Children's Day Theater

Once a year, we change the rules and make Teatro Maria Matos a space dedicated to families and children. Normally hidden corners are occupied on this day by different proposals and projects. With the help of theater and performance artists, but also photography and visual arts, the corridors, dressing rooms and others […]