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Lisbon Festivities
Teatro das Nações

Based on an adaptation of texts by Monty Python, José Figueiredo Costa and Karl Valentin, the Teatro das Nações group bring three scenes to the stage: Quatro homens (Four Men) which revolves around four men and the difficulties of their lives; Vidas condomínias (Condominium lives), a comical portrait of condominium meetings which everyone so loves […]

Lisbon Festivities
The Public Goes to the Theatre

Since 2016, the Public Goes to the Theatre project has been showing that the theatre also belongs to the public, even when it’s closed. Throughout the 2016-17 season, three different groups (adults, teachers and children) will follow the programme and work of the São Luiz Municipal Theatre team, taking the chance to get closer to […]

Lisbon Festivities
My Europe / A Minha Europa

This show follows the life path of an English boy born in Birmingham, England, who came with his family to live in Portugal at the ends of the 80s and a Portuguese girl whose family emigrated to London. The protagonists go through their own stories, reflecting on the social and political changes that they have […]

April in Lisbon
Courage Today, Embraces tomorrow

A show based on the testimonies, letters and memories of women who were arrested by PIDE during the Estado Novo. Women who suffered sleep deprivation torture, “statue” torture, but most of all the torture of being denied their freedom. Women who were grandmothers, mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, lovers, companions, comrades. Women who are not historical […]

April in Lisbon
They Were There Too

A journey that takes you from the Avenida da Liberdade, through a door, up a flight of stairs and ends in a former film previewing room brimming with women’s stories about their experiences during the Estado Novo dictatorship, the revolution of 25th April 1974 and the revolutionary process which followed it. Removed from history, at […]