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April in Lisbon
April at Museu da Marioneta

FREEDOM, EVERY DAY There was a time when puppets were allowed to say more than people. Today we can talk freely and we’ll be dedicating a Sunday morning to creating traditional Portuguese puppets. Born in the Museum, these new puppets will take to the streets thinking of Freedom.  

Christmas in Lisbon
The Gods descend into the Theatre

Celebrated in December in honour of Saturn, the god of time and the calendar, the Saturnalia was one of the best-known festivals in Roman times. The Christian tradition of Christmas has its origins in this celebration. But apart from Saturn, who were the other gods of the Roman pantheon? In this workshop, we build a […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Dom Gilberto goes hunting

Dom Gilberto, a medieval nobleman, is thinking about his Christmas feast. When his fast is over and after several days of eating fish, he dreams of a succulent roast. Wild boar, hare, partridge or pork? Prepare the falconers so the birds are ready for the hunt.  Medieval food is the focus of our play at […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Gastronomy Workshop (Food for Celebration)

At this culinary workshop, Indian recipes will be prepared and, at the end, everyone will have the chance to try the food produced.

Christmas in Lisbon
D. Gilberto vai à caça

Do you know what a Christmas meal was like in the time of Fernando Martins de Bulhões, better known as Saint Anthony? Come and find out what they used to eat in medieval days on this adventure-visit.

Christmas in Lisbon
Há pinha!

A workshop open to all ages where families can make Christmas decorations: pinecones, baubles or bells- the only limit is your imagination.

Christmas in Lisbon
Sessões de Meditação

Sharing the spirit of the festive season, the Buddhist Union of Portugal will be holding two meditation sessions at this year’s Natal em Lisboa. Saturday’s session will focus on “Shamata” (or mental calmness) meditation, where some simple techniques will be taught for increasing inner peace and awareness of our everyday life and the world which […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Clay Nativity Scene

How many figures does a traditional Portuguese nativity scene include? We challenge children and grown-ups to take a good look at Portuguese nativity scenes and, letting loose their creativity, mould one of the figures depicted at Jesus’ birth with their own hands, which you can then take home with you!

Lisbon Festivities
Sardine Workshop

Come and draw sardines with Alberto Faria, Bernardo Carvalho, Catarina Sobral, Madalena Matoso, Maria Remédio, Nuno Saraiva and Susana Carvalhinhos. june 2 (saturday) 10am – Nuno Saraiva 2.30pm – Susana Carvalhinhos june 5 (tuesday) 2.30pm – Nuno Saraiva june 6 (wednesday) 2.30pm – Susana Carvalhinhos june 7 (thursday) 2.30pm – Maria Remédio june 8 (friday) 2.30pm – Bernardo Carvalho june […]

April in Lisbon
Short Stories Competition

Museu do Aljube Resistência e Liberdade has put together a competition os shorte stories, aiming to promote creative writing and also a full citizenship.

Christmas in Lisbon
Árvores de Natal do mundo!

Legend tells us that it was German Ferdinand II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (husband of Queen Mary II) who brought the Christmas tree tradition to Portugal in the 19th century, although in some parts of the country they had already decorated pine and fir trees some centuries earlier. Join us on a journey around the […]