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Dance the City

Com'Out Lisbon
Come On & Dance

Swing Station, along with the Espaço Baião and Tradballs projects, invites the public to a summer’s evening celebrating the different rhythms that get us moving. With one DJ representing Swing, another for Forró and a third for Folk, the set is divided into three styles for each rhythm. If you don’t know the steps, you […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Swingin’ the Blues (solo)

An afternoon mixing Swing with the music of its roots: Blues. Before the dance, there’ll be open classes where everyone can learn the steps to Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues or Solo Vintage Jazz, Solo Blues and Tap. The classes are followed by a dance with two DJs where the public can dance using whichever […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Traditional Dances from around the World

At this workshop we’ll be exploring popular dances from around the world. The dances are many and varied, including European and Polynesian dances and the hot rhythms of Africa and Central America.

Com'Out Lisbon
Traditional European Dances

This workshop for dances of traditional European origin explores the repertoire of popular dances that are danced in folk balls At this workshop you’ll learn the dances of France, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Spain, the Baltic States and Central Europe in a simple and fun way.

Com'Out Lisbon
Traditional Portuguese Dances

At this workshop, we’ll look at the country’s dances from north to south, which vary from region to region, taking us through round dancing, partner dancing and square dancing. Amongst many other dances, we will explore viras, chulas, fandangos, verdegaio, modas cantadas and corridinhos.