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Sou do Fado

Com'Out Lisbon
Maria Ana Bobone

“Fado & Piano” is an innovative work in which Maria Ana Bobone provides vocals and piano, giving us her own take on the songs, lyrics and arrangements she performs, imbuing them with a different and particular colour. Recovering a forgotten tradition (at the end of the 19th century fado was accompanied by piano, before it […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Helder Moutinho

The word fado is known to come from the Latin term “fatum”, meaning destiny. Destiny as luck, future, fatality, fortune, fate. But also as a course or direction, path or creation, desire or utopia. A destiny that can be written in lines drawn by hands or in the stars, but which can also be invented […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Cristina Branco

Within the conservative and traditionalist world of Fado, Cristina Branco always offers an alternative based on her profound knowledge of the poets and poems that she interprets, first-class composers and excellent musicians. Her most recent release, “Branco”, has been critically acclaimed and enthusiastically received by the public. Alongside the award-winning “Menina” (winner of Best Album […]

Com'Out Lisbon

“Só a cantar” is Duarte’s new CD. A psychologist by profession, Duarte’s lover is Fado, a long-held passion. His musical training allows him to live his art in different ways. Duarte is an author, composer and performer (vocals and guitar), a rarity amongst fadistas. But perhaps that’s the secret behind the soul in his words, […]