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Freedom to Play


This event has already happened
20 — 24 Apr - 2018

This event has already happened
20 — 24 Apr - 2018

In partnership with: pianos.pt
Supported by: Infraestruturas de Portugal

For five days, five pianos will be scattered around several of the city’s parks and squares with everyone free to play whatever they feel like. The challenge is extended to any other instruments you might like to bring along.

There are many ways to surprise passers-by with spontaneous mini-concerts and everyone’s welcome to join in. In a city which is increasingly home to a mixture of cultures and languages, music (as a universal language) makes immediate communication between people easier. The pianos are out there, and each one, with its 88 notes, holds infinite melodies to discover.

20th April – Santa Apolónia, Rossio, Cais do Sodré, Oriente and Entrecampos Railway Stations.

21st April – Praça José Fontana Bandstand, Jardim da Estrela Bandstand, Largo da Graça Bandstand and Jardim da Parada/Jardim Teófilo Braga Bandstand (Campo de Ourique).

22nd April – Príncipe Real Park, Campo Grande, S. Pedro de Alcântara, Arco do Cego and Torel.

23rd April - Praça do Município, Rossio, Cais do Sodré, Largo do Carmo & Martim Moniz

24th April - Praça do Comércio