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Political Festival, day 3


different locations

This event has already happened
21 Apr - 2018

different locations

This event has already happened
21 Apr - 2018

The Political Festival is a free event, limited by room capacity and, for workshops, by the maximum number of registrations available. Tickets must be collected for cinema and music sessions. This is an inclusive event with its contents translated and interpreted into Portuguese sign language. Registration applications to:festivalpolitica@gmail.com

Creators: Bárbara Rosa & Rui Oliveira Marques
Co-Production: EGEAC and Associated Producers

Institutional Partnerships:
● Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality
● Secretary of State of Youth and Sport
● UN Portugal
● The Embassy of the United State of America
● Higher Commissioner for Migration

3pm - Chapitô – Magic Suitcase Project: Capoeira Workshop*
Manoel de Oliveira Room
Maximum of 15 people via prior registration.
The Entertainment in Action/Magic Suitcase project was created as part of the Chapitô Entertainment Team’s artistic work, alongside youths fulfilling correctional educational measures. As such it promotes social inclusion through the arts. At this workshop these youngsters will be the entertainers and will present the fantastic world of Capoeira to all those wishing to participate.

3.30pm - "By the Hand of Alice", by Raquel Freire
100 mins, Room 3

The director will be in attendance at this session

The Documentary “By the Hand of Alice” follows the academic and socio-political wanderings of Boaventura Sousa Santos within the research projection ALICE: Strange Mirrors, Unpredictable Lessons. The idea that the European political imagination needs to reinvent itself based on the social and political experiences of the world arises, guided by multiple meeting, journeys and points of departure which give us access to the visitations that move Boaventura towards a meeting with the Epistemologies of the South.

4pm - Chapitô – Magic Suitcase project: Capoeira Performance

4.30pm – How technology can help combat violence and strengthen democracy*
By Ana Neves
Room 2
Come and discover digital tools which are used (to a greater or lesser extent) around the world for the defence of Human Rights and the participation of citizens in democratic life.

5.30pm – What integration for the gypsy community?*
Room 2
It’s one of the most ostracised communities in Portugal and prejudice thrives. What’s going wrong? Is it possible to change the paradigm? How does the community itself see the issue? We will also reflect on the problems inherent to the female condition within gypsy communities and on the role of gypsy women as a vehicle for change.

6.30pm – Session on Racism and Immigration
6 films, approx. 63 mins, Room 3

“4242” by Sara Eustáquio
Inspired by a true story, "4242" is a cinematic interpretation of a poem written by a teenager who leaves her homeland, family and friends to live in another country somewhere in Europe.

“Refugee poetry” by Dave Lojek

The Kurdish Iraqi poet and actor Zeravan Khalil travels with his dog through an Alpine gorge after fleeing from IS war and genocide. As he remembers the abomination, he writes a poem with the title “You drive me mad” in Kurmanji Kurdish.

“AnorMal” de Luis Galán
What worries us today? What would worry us if we were a shoeless child on the streets of Saint Louis? AnorMal is a glimpse into poverty, through lights and sounds that allow us to feel something of a reality so different from our own.

“Remember everything, to not forget anyone” by Enrico Chiarugi
A man walks around Lampedusa, an Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean. He recites the names of the victims of 3rd October, 2013 when more than 500 emigrants died trying to reach Europe.

“Misafir A Guest” by Mariam El Marakeshy
This documentary focusses on the story of three teenage refugees from war-torn countries (Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan) who fled in search of a better life in Istanbul. The film highlights their pasts, how they adapted to life in Istanbul, a multicultural city that embraced them as guests, and not as refugees.

“We are all rejected” by Anoush Masoudi (the director will be in attendance)
In an office, a man analyses immigrant applications. The director will be attending the session.

7pm – The invisible city*
By António Brito Guterres
Room 2
Lisbon beyond its most well-known and fashionable areas. What (other) city (on the periphery) is this that hides other realities and was built, over the years, by waves of migration? In what ways has public policy contributed to combat social segregation? With this presentation, discover a little-known Lisbon which is a hive of human and cultural activity.

9.30pm – “Hearing with other Eyes”
Musical video performance
Manoel de Oliveira Room

Nuno Menezes & Gabriela Almeida (Whale’s mouth)/ Imagens UNHCR

10pm - “Tell them we are rising” by Stanley Nelson
Documentary from the American Film Showcase
1 hour 25 mins
Manoel de Oliveira Room
The history of black colleges and universities in America started before the end of slavery and developed in the 20th century, profoundly influencing the course of the nation for more than 150 years. A rich story which remains unknown to many.


Every day at the Festival

Political posters exhibition – Curatorship by Nuno Bettencourt
“Grândola RMX” video Installation by João Meirinhos


*With translation into Portuguese sign languages