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Sérgio Godinho with guests


Campo Pequeno

How to get there?

This event has already happened
23 Mar - 2022

9.30 pm

Campo Pequeno

How to get there?

This event has already happened
23 Mar - 2022

9.30 pm

Sérgio Godinho vocals


Nuno Rafael musical director, guitar, percussion, choir

Miguel Fevereiro guitar, choir

Nuno Espírito Santo bass, choir

Sérgio Nascimento drums, percussion

João Cardoso piano, keyboard, choir



Capicua vocals

Filipe Raposo piano

Manuela Azevedo vocals

Samuel Úria vocals, guitar

Tó Trips guitar

Free admission. Collect tickets in advance.

Maximum delivery of 2 tickets per person.

Length: 90′

Age rating: + 6

At this show “the word” will share centre stage with a representative selection of Sérgio Godinho’s back catalogue. Together with his “assistants”, he’ll be performing the soundtrack to our lives alongside some of the artists and musicians he most admires and respects and who, in their work or attitude, have something of the “Godinean” about them. A night not to be missed.

What comes to mind when I think I'll be at Campo Pequeno on 23 April?

Lisbon, of course. My familiarity with this city came in part from my experience of its concert halls, their vibrancy and sense of togetherness. Their audiences know, and took with them that which they had given to me.

And now for Campo Pequeno. I’ve played there before with my bandmates from Três Cantos. But this is the first time in my own name. While that’s true, more important is that I’ll be sharing it with my illustrious guests who have seen fit to attend – Ana, Filipe, Manuela, Samuel and Tó. An offer you can’t refuse, they thought. That makes me happy.

They will be the mainstay of the diversity of music that I share and admire – crossing each other’s territories and references. I can’t wait.

Finally and inevitably, my Assistants. They shape and activate the ground where we touch down. There are no words to describe our togetherness.

Bigger than all this, though, is the commemoration of an important moment in our shared struggle for freedom. A stone planted in the ground, marking a date in history. 48-48. Forty-eight years of fascism, forty-eight years of democracy. April 1974. It might not mean anything, but it says it all.


Sérgio Godinho, March 2022

This concert marks the April in Lisbon 2022 program's start.