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Centro Ismaili

This event has already happened
14 Dec - 2019

©José Frade/EGEAC

Centro Ismaili

This event has already happened
14 Dec - 2019

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Subway: Laranjeiras (Blue line); Bus: 701, 726, 764

In December, we’ll be opening the doors of the Ismaili Centre, the home of the Ismaili Muslim community in Lisbon, for three guided tours and two concerts.

This is a chance to discover a unique building, which harmoniously combines eastern Islamic architecture with the architectural tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. The sumptuous gardens, still unknown to many Lisboetas, contain 300 trees and thousands of bushes and other plants.

The music that we’ll be taking to the Ismaili Centre is also a mixture of different influences: UDJAT are an ensemble inspired by the Mediterranean musical heritage, with a repertoire of originals in which Iberian and oriental roots can be heard, but also the Jewish tradition. Their music, with vocals accompanying the Portuguese guitar and percussion, summons up old sounds, but with a modern approach.


2 p.m., 2.30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Guided tours

Maximum 25 participants per session, subject to prior registration from 4 December for contacts: 21 722 90 41 (9h30 to 13h and 14h30 to 19h) /nationalcouncil@cism.com.pt


4 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.

UDJAT Concert

Noble Hall

Free admission, subject to the capacity of the space (300 seats), and with the pick up of tickets from December 13 at the reception of Ismaili Center, from 16h to 19h and on December 14, from 14h to 21h, within 2 tickets per person; m / 6


Hamsá; Ninive; Aqrab; Núcleo; Kefrén; Uzma; Barakat; Inanna; Aqua; Periferia Mudra do Silêncio; Banquete (dos Deuses); Navegando; Nadir; Kalevala; Delfos; Qamar; Era; Pêndulo; Tribos


Hugo Claro e Sofia Sousa Claro, Composições

Hugo Claro, Guitarra Portuguesa, Bandolim

Sofia Sousa Claro, Voz

Jorge Machado, Frame Drum, Rebolo, Bendir, Peq. percussões

David Pereira, Sound Tech