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Dançar o Natal


This event has already happened
14 Dec - 2017

This event has already happened
14 Dec - 2017

Átrio das Chegadas
Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas
Metro: Aeroporto (linha vermelha)
Carris: 705, 722, 744, 783

Free Admission; m/6

Have you heard the rumour that this year Father Christmas has given the reindeer a day off and is bringing the presents by aeroplane? If you refuse to believe it, then you’ll have to come and see his grand entrance at the Humberto Delgada Airport. On 14 December it’ll be as if he he’s just landed on one of the flights headed to Lisbon, surprising everyone waiting for friends and family
Even without his reindeer, Father Christmas won’t be coming alone. He’ll be accompanied by African, Brazilian and Latin dancers, as well as other helpers who, equipped with headphones, will capture the attention of all those at the airport with their synchronized movements.

There’ll even be a DJ set by Father Christmas himself (don’t say he’s not a man of many hidden talents!), consisting of versions of Christmas tunes, as dancers disguised with suitcases dare real passengers and their families and friends to join the party.

The arrivals hall will be transformed, for a while, into a joyous dance-floor, surprising all those who find themselves travelling through the airport.
A fun evening that will be just the start of a period in which the city is flooded with life and light.

Avelino Chantre
Diana Castanhas
Angel Rojas