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In Nativitate Domini


Church of São Roque

How to get there?

This event has already happened
09 — 09 Dec - 2022

Coro Gregoriano de Lisboa ©DR

Church of São Roque

How to get there?

This event has already happened
09 — 09 Dec - 2022


Free admission, subject to capacity. Collect tickets on the day (10.00 – 21.30) from São Roque Museum (max. two tickets per person).

Age rating: +6

Institutional support: Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa


A recreation of Christmas Day in the Early Middles Ages, the concert begins with the Matins Liturgy, celebrated before sunrise, followed by Mass. Complementing the Gregorian music, a Christmas Sequence will be sung which was written by the Benedictine monk Notker Balbulus (a composer and poet who lived in the 10th century in the monastery of São Galo, Switzerland). Following the Sequence, at the liturgically appropriate moment, the Sermon of Father António Vieira (dedicated to the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary) will be read. The concert will end with the Marian antiphon Alma Redemptoris Mater, from the Compline office, the last moment of prayer of the day.


Ad Invitatorium

Ant. Christus natus est nobis cum Ps. 94

Ad Officium Lectionis

Hymnus: Candor aeternae

In I Nocturno

Ant I. Dominus dixit ad me

Ant II. Tamquam sponsus

Ant III. Diffusa est gratia     

In II Nocturno

Ant IV. Suscepimus Deus

Ant V. Orietur

Ant VI. Veritas de terra orta est

In III Nocturno

Ant VII. Ipse invocabit me

Ant VIII. Laetentur caeli

Ant IX. Notum fecit Dominus

Ad Missam in Die

Introitus: Puer natus est nobis

Graduale: Viderunt omnes

Alleluia Dies sanctificatus


Notker Balbulus (c. 840-912)

Sequentia: Natus ante saecula


Padre António Vieira (1608-1697) Sermon on the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Offertorium: Tui sunt caeli

Communio: Viderunt omnes


Ad Completorium

Ant. Alma Redemptoris Mater


Armando Possante direction

Luís Madureira recital