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Andalucía Big Band


Jardim da Quinta das Conchas

08 Sep - 2017


Jardim da Quinta das Conchas

08 Sep - 2017


“Suite Trafalgar”

Andalucía Big Band (ABB) is a Seville-based jazz orchestra made up of musicians originating from different Andalusian provinces: Huelva, Cádiz, Seville and Málaga. It was formed with the aim of bringing jazz closer to the public, so they can get to know both traditional Big Band music and also the work of modern-day composers.

For Lisbon, ABB have put together a concert with pieces for a guest soloist, moving the band towards the “third stream”. A look at the music of Gil Evans and Miles Davis has allowed the band’s pianist and composer, Javier Galiana, to devise a suite with a collection of pieces based on flamenco rhythms  and rooted in the contemporary tradition more than jazz. In each of its pieces, the “Suite Trafalgar” invites us on a trip along the Cádiz coast. Alongside this suite, ABB will perform  a series of pieces and compositions that are their own and unique, committed as they are to developing and promoting the creation of a special repertoire inspired by, or created in, their homeland.

Miguel López - director

Julián Sánchez - trumpet (soloist)

Miguel Barrones, Javier Plaza, Antonio Mauro, Daniel Muñoz - trombones

Jesús Martínez, Joseba Robles, Lipi Calvo, Alejandra Artiel - trumpets

Javier Ortí, Leandro Perpiñán, Xema Espinosa, Pedro Cortejosa, Ignacio Guarrochena - saxophones

Javier Galiana - piano

Manolo Soldán - guitar

Javier Delgado - double bass

Nacho Megina – drums