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Cristina Branco


Parque dos Moinhos de Santana

26 Sep - 2019

Crédito: Joana Linda

Parque dos Moinhos de Santana

26 Sep - 2019


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

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This year, Sou do Fado is leaving the squares and taking the music of Lisbon to some of the city’s most beautiful gardens and parks. Four fadistas of differing styles will be performing their latest work, accompanied by virtuoso musicians at these open-air concerts.

Within the conservative and traditionalist world of Fado, Cristina Branco always offers an alternative based on her profound knowledge of the poets and poems that she interprets, first-class composers and excellent musicians. Her most recent release, “Branco”, has been critically acclaimed and enthusiastically received by the public. Alongside the award-winning “Menina” (winner of Best Album of 2017 from the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores and Globo de Ouro nominee for Best Individual Performer), “Branco” confirms a “new normal” in the music of Cristina Branco. Her bold and unexpected choices of composers and lyricists, as well as an aesthetic vision which has taken her down a very individual path in terms of image, make Cristina Branco one of Portuguese music’s most important personalities of recent times. Her shows across Europe are increasing in number and suggest that the description “fado-jazz” makes more and more sense.

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