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Festival Política (DAY 3)


Cinema São Jorge

How to get there?

This event has already happened
15 Aug - 2020

Cinema São Jorge

How to get there?

This event has already happened
15 Aug - 2020

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Programme subject to change.

Free admission, subject to venue capacity.

All activities will take place at venues/locations with controlled access (ticket office) to ensure a safe distance is maintained between participants.

Participants must comply with personal safety rules, such as the use of masks, physical distancing and respiratory etiquette.

Admission to all activities is free, but subject to capacity. Tickets must be collected at the Cinema São Jorge.

The Political Festival returns to Cinema São Jorge this August and will get the Lisboa na Rua programme underway. The four-day programme will include debates, films, performances, music and humour, with the Environment as its central theme. With climate change at the centre of young people's demands, and governmental and economic powers increasingly under pressure to change their policies in favour of more sustainable development, the festival will focus particularly on the role of citizens as transformative agents, whilst not ignoring the impact that the covid-19 pandemic is having worldwide. For the first time the festival will feature a country focus. This year Brazil has been chosen and will be subject of our attention at several points during the programme.



Exhibition by Carolina Maria

Several studies on the planet and climate change predict that in 2050 we will be living in extreme conditions, in an unprecedented scenario. What will our food be like in 2050? What kinds of products will we consume? What will our food be made of? This exhibition is an illustrated satire about the food of the future ... and everything else. “2050” was originally conceived as part of a series of exhibitions on the theme “Gastronomy and the Rest”, at the invitation of the Quinta da Cruz Museum in Viseu. It reflects on a dreadful, dystopian future.


15 August

Room 2



O QUE SE PASSA COM O BRASIL?” (“What’s going on in Brazil?”)

With translation into Portuguese Sign Language.

Brazilians living in Lisbon, from the areas of culture, human rights, journalism and the environment, share their views on the current state of Brazil. Taking part will be Diego Candido (Master’s in Communication, Culture and Technology from ISCTE-IUL, legal expert and DJ), Lidiane de Carvalho (lawyer, Environmental Law researcher and PhD student in Democracy in the 21st Century at CES - UC) and Lucas Rohan (journalist and PhD student in Communication at Universidade Nova de Lisboa).


Sala 3


SESSÃO BRAZIL (Brazil Session)

In partnership with: Segunda Segunda


"CÂMERA, TÁ OK" (Camera, OK), by Nathalia Oliveira

Documentary about censorship in Brazilian cinema under the Bolsonaro government.


"REEXISTIR" (Re-exist), by Gabriela Lima

Fiction about a dystopia in which a military regime is established and imprisoned women are tortured.


"TODOS NÓS MORAMOS NA RUA" (We all live on the street), by Marcus Antonius Melo

Documentary about the homeless in Fortaleza/Ceará.


"IARINHAS", by Pedro Serrano

Music video from singer Luiza Lian about the rivers of large cities like São Paulo that underwent transformations and were canalized, resulting in numerous floods when it rains.


ESPELHO” (Mirror), by Josi Lopes

Music video reflecting black roots in Brazil, the Afrofuturist movement and the impact on Portugal.


AÇÚCAR" (Sugar), by Heráclito Lima and Danilo Godoy

Documentary/poetic essay on Brazilian immigration in Lisbon, art, creative processes, gentrification, eviction and the abandonment of spaces.



Sala Manoel de Oliveira


Diogo Faro – Comedy show

O MUNDO SEGUNDO DIOGO FARO” (The World according to Diogo Faro)

With translation into Portuguese Sign Language

Diogo Faro, also known as the Sensible Idiot, in a solo performance, tells us about the state of the world: from human rights to the environment, as well as discrimination and prejudice. Is there cause for optimism?


Sala 2



BELEZA COMO VINGANÇA” (Beauty as revenge)

In this hybrid and sensual offering, Brazilian duo Tita Maravilha and Cigarra bring us a live act full of creamy noises and appeals. The urgent bodies of marginal womanhood and transvestite fury. Violence as language, beauty as revenge.