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Estufa Fria

12 — 15 Sep - 2019
Thursday to sunday

© José Frade
Chilrear de Mesa Crédito: Vitorino Coragem
Aral Sea, de Peter Cusack
Crédito: Vera Marmelo
Crédito: Vera Marmelo
Kathy Hinde

Estufa Fria

12 — 15 Sep - 2019
Thursday to sunday

Lisboa Soa is returning to Lisbon’s Estufa Fria (Cold Greenhouse) to reflect on the impact on the sound environment of the migrations caused by effervescent human activity.

People, animals, plants and sound are in permanent migration, moving from place to place, silencing and transforming soundscapes on the way. In some cases, they never again find a place of belonging. In others, they are able to adapt and naturalise. The greenhouse is an example of taking in and sheltering: it protects different migratory plant species in an atmosphere which is controlled, but also influenced by the behaviour of all the plants present. In a certain way, the greenhouse seeks to recreate another geography.



12 to 15 september
10am - 8 pm

ARAL SEA - Peter Cusack (UK)
Sixty years ago the Aral Sea in Central Asia was the planet's fourth largest lake. Today it has almost disappeared. Since 2013 Peter Cusack made several trips to the Aral and its watershed to make field recordings, take photographs, talk to people and to try to understand the impact of these major changes.

The inside of an old piano is recycled into a kinetic sound sculpture. Videos of birds are projected directly onto the piano providing an ever changing musical score.

ETHNOSPHERE - Vincent Martial (FR) and Carlos Henrich (BR/DE) 

The term “Ethnosphere” was coined by anthropologist Wade Davis.He states, “You might think of the ethnosphere as the sum total of all thoughts and dreams, myths, ideas, inspirations, intuitions brought into being by the human imagination since the dawn of consciousness." The work of the artists present in this project illustrates the influence of the collective unconscious, meaning that it reflects how the ethnosphere acts upon us, as artistic creation is the realm where influences in general can be more evidently tracked down.

Atmosmancer (Greek atmos, vapor + Greek mantis, prophet), is a sensing structure that takes real-time measurements of environmental factors around it and translates these into sound streams shaping a generative composition.

URBAN SOUND ART - Carsten Seiffarth (DE)
Sound art in public spaces constitutes the centre of bonn hoeren’s artistic work and research area. Initiated in 2010 by the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the City of Bonn, the curated project by Carsten Seiffarth (Berlin) has been studying continuously the acoustic conditions and sonic contexts which define modern urban spaces.
Support: Goethe Institut Lisboa

SIMBIOSES - Cláudia Martinho (PT)
Symbioses is an immersive sound installation providing a communication experience with the biodiversity of the vegetable life that inhabits the Estufa Fria (Cold Greenhouse), through plants connected to electromagnetic impulse sensors.

Félix Blume is a sound engineer for the movies. He spends hours after the shooting, recording “lonely sounds”. They are called lonely because they don’t have a synchronous images. It is from these expectations and obstination, that Félix Blume got the idea to create these short films.

The Tsonami Festival in Valparaíso, Chile, began in 2007 and since then has dedicated itself to providing a space for artists from across the world to experiment with sound through multimedia performances, concerts and installations. This year, two Chilean artists will be attending Lisboa Soa:

Based on research into the context of the Estufa Fria de Lisboa, its qualities, the species it hosts and its particular concept, Rodrigo Araya will be working on the relationships that can exist between controlled atmospheres, artificial climates and the concept of the soundscape.

Natacha Cabellos will be working on the idea of plant migration, allochthonous plants which originated far from their current location, a silent migration on where the main vehicle for crossing such great distances has been man. Natacha intends to set off in search of the origins of these plants, particularly those which have migrated from South America.



12 september

CHILREAR DE MESA - Francisco Pinheiro and Paulo Morais / West Coast (PT)
Performative installation based on research into the singing and calling of some endangered bird species.

For centuries, (male) poetry about women compares them to flowers, or at least surrounds them with flowers in their objectifying delight. Here is a female musical ensemble that in its very name (which reinforces the acknowledged and intentional circumstance of being made up only of women in a field - improvised music - dominated by men) undermines this botanical aspect.

PIANO MIGRATIONS - Kathy Hinde (UK) and Matthew Olden (UK)
A captivating performance where image becomes sound and sound becomes image through a series of transformations realised through acoustic sound, live sampling, automata and projections.


13 september

EXPONERE - Maile Colbert (US)
Exposure is to live in a system. We expose our atmosphere to increased emissions, and it thins and thickens in all the wrong ways, exposing us in turn. This is no longer about a future apocalyptic. Expōnēre is the present imperative, and passive... in a language from the past.

TÉ No. 3 (EL ALAMBIQUE) - Rodrigo Araya (CH)
An audiovisual performance that explores the relationships between sound, light and other physical phenomena, through the use of everyday objects and the production of material reactions of cause and effect; an experimentation regarding their symbolic and physical influence on human behaviour. Tea Nº 3 (The Alembic) is an exploration into the dualism of what is considered animate or inanimate. Sounds aren’t mere products of what is alive or a residual phenomenon, they’re living, albeit transitory, entities; even what is dead or inanimate continues to resonate.

From the reuse and piracy of small computer motors and fans, this project revolves around the production of autonomous kinetic devices that, when activated, produce light and sound, simulating a kind of artificial ecosystem.


14 september

Sounds are now known to awaken babies’ cerebral and cognitive abilities and contribute to learning and linguistic development.  At this concert for babies, Luís Antero will be stimulating little ones with sounds that are part of our domestic environment.

6pm | 7pm
SANTA MELODICA ORCHESTRA - Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)

A sound performance for twenty performers, melodicas, cable tubes and balloons. While playing, each performer swings their instrument at a certain speed. Together they create an arpeggio effect, that constantly changes due shifts in speed.

Support: Austrian Embassy in Lisbon

@ c & GUESTS 
@C's music (Miguel Carvalhais e Pedro Tudela) oscillates between pauses and sudden changes, conflicts and dialogues with other sounds. At Lisboa Soa, they will present an expanded format, with special guests, a performance that will involve the immaterial space of the greenhouse with concrete and musical sounds, recorded and digitally transformed. Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela have collaborated as @c since 2000, developing music, sound art, installations, and sound or audiovisual performances.



15 september

A PERENNIAL EARTH #2 - Gil Delindro (PT)
For Lisboa Soa, Delindro will present a new piece directly related to his last artist Residency of three months in Vietnam. In this piece, sound is used not only as a form to directly examine organic materials in detail but also as a vehicle for interpretation of a far distant culture.

ETHNOSPHERE - Vincent Martial (FR) e Carlos Henrich (BR/GM)
A performance composed of eight partly robotized sound sculptures with which Carlos Henrich and Vincent Martial interact musically.



13 september

A ARQUITETURA SOA - Octávio Inácio (PT)
If it’s light that makes a building visible, then sound allows us to experience it as a whole, going beyond the visible. However, it’s often an unconscious experience; only recently (with growing city noise levels and the idea of comfort and silence as essential to life) has it been deemed relevant. This talk will explore different building designs and their acoustic characteristics which point to an alternative to a purely visual experience.

ARTE SONORA NO ESPAÇO URBANO - Carsten Seiffarth (DE), Fernando Godoy (CH), Raquel Castro (PT)
The practices of so-called sound art can be valuable tools in the development of auditory awareness in urban environments, both in revealing how future urban spaces might sound and in reflecting on the ways we might be able to hear them. A conversation on curating sound art in the public space.


14 september

The artist will engage in an open discussion departing from his recent artistic research in Vietnam´s ethnic minority villages and going through the last five years of work with totally distinct geographies and communities around the world.


15 september

ARAL SEA STORIES - Peter Cusack (UK)
The talk about the Aral Sea includes audio, images and stories from the spectacular Kyrgyzstan mountains, the fertile Fergana valley and the Aral itself.



14 september

Age 8 and over // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com
In this workshop, we will examine the legendary greenhouse and its surroundings for their auditory and atmospheric qualities and create a sound map.

11.30am | 3.30pm
SYMBIOSES - Cláudia Martinho (PT)
Age: Families // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com
At this workshop, we’ll be listening to the sounds emitted by plants via biofeedback sensors. We’ll be experimenting with the use of these technologies as creative means for communicating consciously with plant life and perceiving subtle variations in the primary sensory environment.

Age: 12 and over // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com
Beginners’ workshop in field sound recording, providing participants with a theoretical and practical basis to carry out this recording technique and based around four separate, but complementary stages: theoretical framework; listening; recording: recording techniques; editing.

SANTA MELODICA ORCHESTRA - Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)
Age 16 and over // (includes performances at 18:00 and 19:00) Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com
We’ll be looking to find new forms of notation/instruction and reproduction, including composition concepts, especially those of minimal music. Workshop participants will perform in the evening in the greenhouse.


15 september

CALL THE BIRDS - SOUND WALK THROUGH PARQUE EDUARDO VII - Francisco Pinheiro, Paulo Morais e Álvaro Fonseca / West Coast (PT)
Age: Families // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com
Our relationship with birds primarily involves listening to their song. Sometimes we can identify the low and repeated singing of a turtledove, or the shrill echo of a crow. This walk aims to bring you closer to the world of the birds in Parque Eduardo VII, through its rich world of sound.

Age 8 and over // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com

11.30am | 3.30pm
SYMBIOSES - Cláudia Martinho (PT)
Age: Families // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com

DISSIMULATION - Giuliano Obici (BR)
Age 16 and over // Registration: lisboasoa@gmail.com
Dissimulation is a participative audiovisual platform for mobile phones. Participants are invited to connect their devices to the platform, which they should feed with sound content and thereby produce the desired result.

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