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Parque Jurássico


Jardim Zoológico

27 Sep - 2019

JURASSIC PARK, 1993. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

Jardim Zoológico

27 Sep - 2019


Free admission for subject to prior collection of tickets and capacity (500 places).

Tickets for each session can be collected Monday to Wednesday, between 9:30 and 19:00, from the Zoo’s Visitor Support Centre. Tickets are limited to 4 per person.

This year Cinecidade is challenging us to find out what’s hidden beyond the rainbow. And it’s not doing it by halves: they’ll be bringing hidden treasure, witches and scarecrows, balloons and tin men, lions, dinosaurs and even talking dogs to Lisbon Zoo! The programme is made up of classic American adventure films, from the 1930s right up to the 2000s. Timeless films for all the family which, in addition to taking us on unforgettable journeys, encourage us to reflect on the conservation of animal life (the thinking behind the choice of this year’s venue).

Jurassic Park
By Steven Spielberg

(USA, 1993), 127 mins, Fiction, Colour
With: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum & Richard Attenborough

Directed by Spielberg, Jurassic Park was responsible for a dinosaur craze which took hold of kids and teenagers in the mid-90s. In Jurassic Park, we set off on an expedition to an island owned by a multimillionaire where a group of scientists are testing the safety of a theme park with live dinosaurs. The plot revolves around the precarious balance between our human fascination for these giants which inhabited Earth before us, and the miracles made possible by scientific advances. A classic of adventure and science fiction, this film is a visual and sound experience all of its own. The new setting we’ll be giving it at this open-air night screening at Lisbon Zoo promises to make the experience even more intense.

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