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Vicente’17 do Silêncio dos Corvos, Animal Vicente


Travessa da Ermida. Belém

This event has already happened
02 Sep - 2017

Travessa da Ermida. Belém

This event has already happened
02 Sep - 2017


e lançamento do livro

Vicente Branco

Vicente Branco is 17 years old. A self-taught dancer for five years and a professional for two, he is currently studying at the Balleteatro do Porto. He performs ballet, contemporary dance, popping, Hip Hop and Cunningham. He has performed in audiovisual dance projects and shows with diverse choreographies and companies, both Portuguese and foreign.

Dominik Lejman
Ermida Exhibition - Double Take

Dominik Lejman values that he is essentially dependent only on himself in the creation of his messages, which take place in the most diverse settings. Born in the Baltic city of Gdansk, Lejman graduated from the local Academy of Fine Arts and then the Royal College of Art in London. Constantly active in Academia, some of the high points of his journey were the various solo exhibitions of the 90’s and 00’s. His most important exhibitions took place at Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw (2005, 2006, 2015) at the Osaka National Museum in Japan (2008), at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (2011) and the Venetian Architectural Exhibition (2004). He lives in Berlin.

Diogo Machado aka ADD FUEL
Urban Intervention

Blending traditional and contemporary elements, his original vector-based designs and stencil-based street art reveal an impressive complexity and a masterful attention to detail. Vicente is an offering based on the work developed on the reinterpretation of Portuguese patterned tiles, a formal and chromatic adaptation inspired by the aesthetics of the 17th century. What is proposed is a reflection on the animal as a being, and its connection to humankind, tradition and history.

Add Fuel is Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Diogo Machado (1980). A former graphic designer, his recent artistic practice has been focused on reinterpreting and playing with the language of traditional tile design, and that of the Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic azulejo in particular. He has been showcasing his work in both solo and group exhibitions since 2006, as well as participating in some of the world’s leading urban art events.