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Marchas Populares Exhibition

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Altice Arena

How to get there?

01 — 03 Jun - 2018
Friday to Sunday

Crédito: José Frade/EGEAC

Altice Arena

How to get there?

01 — 03 Jun - 2018
Friday to Sunday


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Over 3s


Ó-i-ó-ai, I’ve been to buy some basil
Ó-i-ó-ai, and now I’m off to the dance
And here I have a boy hanging
which really is a portrait of my boyfriend

Balãozinho, A Canção de Lisboa, 1933

With well-tuned voices and well-trained steps, groups from different Lisbon neighbourhoods make their way down the Avenida da Liberdade and the city gets all dressed up for what is the high point of the Festas de Lisboa. This year, Vasco Santana and the Canção de Lisboa (film) are the inspiration for the Grande Marcha (Big Parade): the song Vasco é Saudade promises to get the city rocking on the night of Santo António.

Hundreds of people, including costume designers, paraders, choreographers and musicians, work for months on a project that has its grand finale on the night of the 12th June. The Marchas Populares (Parades) are the ultimate symbol of the traditions and peoples of Lisbon’s different neighbourhoods, with the elders giving way to the youngsters in a renewal of traditions and a show of life and love that is celebrated each year.

This year, the neighbourhoods of Lumiar, São Domingos de Benfica and Bairro da Boavista return to the parade, while the Vila da Lousã Parade is the special guest.

June 1st
Infantil “A Voz do Operário”, Olivais, Belém, Alcântara, Mouraria, Bica, Lumiar, Carnide, Alto do Pina

June 2nd
Mercados, Penha da França, Campo de Ourique, Benfica, Graça, Bela Flor – Campolide, Bairro da Boavista, Alfama, Bairro Alto

June 3rd
Santa Casa, Castelo, Ajuda, São Domingos de Benfica, Madragoa, Marvila, São Vicente, Santa Engrácia

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