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Fado no Castelo – Fado es Volver – Fado & Flamenco

This event has already happened
08 Jun - 2017

This event has already happened
08 Jun - 2017

Limited to available seating space. Tickets must be picked up on the day of the show,
At the box office of S. Jorge Castle and at the Fado Museum, from 8 pm
M / 6

Flamenco was born from the multiple cultures that passed through Andalusia and left their mark: its origins go back to the gypsy and Moorish cultures, with an Arab and Jewish influence.

Flamenco has passed from generation to generation orally and through performances among the community. Without ceasing to be music and poetry with popular roots, it could be said that flamenco is folklore elevated to the status of art, both for the uniqueness of its performance and the complexity of its music. In this show, fado singer Ana So a Varela joins the multi-talented musician António Serrano, shedding light on the elements of convergence and divergence between two remarkable ways of life: fado and flamenco.

Ana Sofia Varela Voice

Antonio Serrano Harmonica

Chiqui de Quintana Invited Voice

Bernardo Couto Portuguese Guitar

Carlos Manuel Proença Viola

Daniel Pinto Baixo

Juantxin Osaba Flamenco Guitar

Gonzalo Martinez Percussion

Academy of Salvador Martinez Dancers