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Histórias Suspensas (Suspended Stories) by Joana Providência

29 — 30 Jun - 2019

29 — 30 Jun - 2019

Theatre/New Circus

Recommended for over 3s (to be classified by CCE)

€3 < 18 anos // €7 > 18 anos

Picture three storytellers. Body and voice jump into the stories, acting and reacting through flights, twists and turns.

Deviations lead us to other short stories. Time in stories either stops or passes very quickly...here it is suspended in the eyes of those watching and sharing in this adventure! What’s coming next?! A house, which looks like a small cupboard, holds secrets. The doors keep opening and closing, revealing and concealing characters and situations. At this dream-making factory the possibilities are endless; the only limits are your own imagination!

Other Events

Exhibitions The Sound of Longing | The Portuguese Zither Museu do Fado, Largo do Chafariz de Dentro 10:00 – 18:00