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Lisboa Mistura – 10 june

This event has already happened
10 Jun - 2019

This event has already happened
10 Jun - 2019

Lisboa Mistura is a free music festival, which celebrates the diversity which is in the city’s DNA. Having been held at various locations across the city (such as Largo do Intendente and Ribeira das Naus), this year Lisboa Mistura lands at Quinta das Conchas. Over three days, musicians from the Middle East, North America and Africa will be joined by community groups comprised of people of different ages and backgrounds from across Lisbon’s neighbourhoods. The aim is to promote interaction between people from different communities through a series of shows and artistic gatherings which will include various beats and cultural trends, letting us to feel the true pulse of the city.


Intercultural Festival

The Intercultural Festival has been a feature of Lisboa Mistura since the beginning. The different communities and people, who seem invisible, are one of Lisbon’s greatest assets and have been part of the city’s DNA for as long as it’s existed as an urban centre. The Intercultural Festival, symbolically held on 10 June (Portugal Day), serves as a chance to celebrate diversity and citizenship and aims to combat racist, homophobic and nationalist prejudices that inhabit the populism lurking around the corner. Come and celebrate the different cultures of Lisbon.

Indía Mística (India); Rocksolania  (Ukraine); Finka Pé (Cape Verde); Coro Nosso (Portugal); Coro 1• Junho (Portugal); Auto Astral (Brazil), amongst others...



Sunset Mistura with DJ Johnny



África Negra

São Tomé and Príncipe

África Negra peform their new record “Alia cu omali” (meaning “Sand and Sea”) more than 10 years after the release of their first album.

Recorded between São Tomé and Lisbon under Portuguese record label Mar & Sol, it includes classics that had never been properly recorded on disc, existing only in the memories of the island’s people. For all true Portuguese-speakers, the time has come for another meeting with the living heritage of São Tomé music and culture. Currently a five-piece band (vocals, two guitars, drums and bass), two members remain from the original line-up: singer João Seria and guitarist Leonildo Barros.