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Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta

How to get there?

This event has already happened
18 — 19 Jun - 2022
Saturday and Sunday

4.00 pm - 0.00 am
©José Frade/EGEAC

Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta

How to get there?

This event has already happened
18 — 19 Jun - 2022
Saturday and Sunday

4.00 pm - 0.00 am

Iniciative: Associação Sons da Lusofonia e EGEAC

Free entry, subject to space limitations.

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Because we’re in a world at war which has turned emigrants into refugees, we still need to raise awareness of the beauty of difference and the legacy of curiosity.

This edition of Lisboa Mistura is also an opportunity to build the joy needed for us to live side by side, resisting the annihilation of difference and the violence of our times. Lisboa Mistura 2022 will be a turning point for this event which, since 2006, has been an intercultural space looking to discover and include the new discourses and movements present in the city. We’ll be focusing more closely on artistic projects that demonstrate the courage necessary for social and communitarian change and which contain an avant-garde experimentalism, the tool that blurs the divide between high and low culture. From now on, Lisboa Mistura wants to add “world music” to the neighborhoods of Lisbon, generating new perspectives of relationship between different scales.


18 June

4..00 pm

Debate with Gerador



5.00 pm

Kateryna Ayvdish

This contemporary Ukrainian jazz project features young singer and pianist Kateryna Avdysh. The setlist includes the artist's own pieces, as well as arrangements of Ukrainian songs. Each composition represents a story (real or invented) influenced by different personalities. Avdysh's main goal is to highlight modern music, language, Ukrainian culture and to talk about Ukraine as a strong and independent country. Avdysh combines the freedom of jazz music, the depth of Ukrainian customs and a view of the world in the form of contemporary art.


6.00 pm

D’Improviso | Percussion and Wind Orchestra

Playing together, creating together, building together is always more difficult than doing so alone. The Percussion and Wind Orchestra is an experimental initiative that uses improvisation and the rhythms of Soul, R&B, Afrobeat, Marchas Populares, Philharmonic Music and Hip Hop as creative vehicles and as a form of social intervention. The members of this sustainable orchestra come from various areas of Lisbon, including neighbourhoods such as Alta de Lisboa, Carnide, Intendente and Marvila. It combines conventional instruments with less conventional ones made by reusing a range of different materials. Part of the D'IMPROVISO initiative “Innovative and/or Experimental Projects for the Development of New Local Social Intervention Strategies”, which aims to implement Local Development Strategies (coordinated by POR Lisboa 2020 and GAL DLBC Lisboa) across the Lisbon area.


7.00 pm

ANIM presents TARANUM 

The Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) presents TARANUM, a group of musicians who play traditional Afghan instruments and who, in recent years, have been performing both indoors and out. This concert will include two classical Afghan pieces, a zither trio, a Rubab trio, Afghan folk songs, Badakhshi vocal pieces and, to finish off, a medley of Afghan songs.


9.00 pm

JazzOPA + guests

Continuing the educational work undertaken at Festa do Jazz and OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes, ASL has created the JAZZOPA project, which brings together jazz and hip hop in a challenging and socially-conscious form of expression. Like OPA, this project promotes the professionalisation of participants, providing them with the tools which will allow them to develop their artistic and musical production skills.

With: MC’s Cadi, May, Noiatt and two special guests, accompanied by Mariana Trindade (trumpet), Mateja Dolsak (saxophone), Tom Maciel (keyboards and synths), Zé Almeida (electric bass) and Miguel Fernández (drums).

Institutional partner: República Portuguesa / Garantir Cultura


10.30 pm

Bateu Matou

Music group comprising Ivo Costa (Batida, Sara Tavares), Quim Albergaria (Paus) and Riot (Buraka Som Sistema). This unlikely band combines drums and computers and consists of three producers who bring a percussive style, fusing the contemporary and the traditional, in collaboration with some of the most inspiring voices in Portugal.



19 June

4.00 pm

Debate with Fumaça



5.00 pm

Shaka Lion (DJ Set)

There’s so much talk nowadays about mixing and interculturality, but Shaka Lion is not simply a musical reflection of that. He knows no borders, lying somewhere between the Brazil where he was born, the Barreiro where grew up and the Lisbon he roams, the gravitational centre for a universe that is the world. This is a DJ who takes the audience on a journey to yesterday and tomorrow, creating live edits and remixes, while using the setup as his own instrument. He’s had residencies at Musicbox and Lux Frágil, has performed gigs around the world and won the international competition Daily Paper x Havana Club. He’s also curator at Festival Iminente and a member of Label Soulection LA, a sound family he has kept close to and which insists on having him nearby, inviting him to various events around the world.


6.30 pm

OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes

This is an educational and artistic project with intercultural roots, promoted by Associação Sons da Lusofonia. Over recent years, OPA has worked with hundreds of youngsters from different backgrounds and neighbourhoods of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Workshops run by Francisco Rebelo focus on technical and artistic tools, providing participants with supervised development and also a place on the city’s main stages. OPA continues to grow, reach new neighbourhoods with new projects and promote new fusions.

Part of the D'IMPROVISO initiative “Innovative and/or Experimental Projects for the Development of New Local Social Intervention Strategies”, which aims to implement Local Development Strategies (coordinated by POR Lisboa 2020 and GAL DLBC Lisboa) across the Lisbon area.



9.00 pm

Thomas Attar & Tó Trips

French-American producer Thomas Attar Bellier (Al-Qasar) and Portuguese guitarist Tó Trips (Dead Combo, Club Makumba) met at a beach bar, neutral territory for an Angeleno and a Lisboeta. One of the most interesting active Portuguese musicians, Trips is both a monument and a driving force of the Lisbon scene and has moved beyond the physical and geographical limits of the guitar. The decision to join forces with Attar Bellier was rooted in a mutual focus on Arabic scales and African beats, a shared artistic vision of music as global folklore, with modern grooves and deep cultural roots. Attar Bellier collaborates frequently with musicians from the Middle East and North Africa.



10.30 pm

Cachupa Psicadélica, with guests Kriol and Scúru Fitchádu

Born and raised on the island of São Vicente (Cape Verde), Lula's (Luís Gomes) was an 80s child who fell in love with Seattle rock as a teenager in a Mindelo of Latin rockers. He would soon find himself studying in Caldas da Rainha and, a few musical projects later, Cachupa Psicadélica would emerge from the depths of Cape Verde. Nominated for Musical Artist of the Year at the “We are Cape Verde – Best of the Year” awards, he has released two albums: “Último Caboverdiano Triste” (2015) and “Pomba Pardal” (2019).

He performs at Lisboa Mistura with duo Kriol and Scúru Fitchádu, to close the 2022 festival.




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