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Lisboa Mistura – 8 june


08 Jun - 2019
Sábado a Segunda

08 Jun - 2019
Sábado a Segunda

Lisboa Mistura is a free music festival, which celebrates the diversity which is in the city’s DNA. Having been held at various locations across the city (such as Largo do Intendente and Ribeira das Naus), this year Lisboa Mistura lands at Quinta das Conchas. Over three days, musicians from the Middle East, North America and Africa will be joined by community groups comprised of people of different ages and backgrounds from across Lisbon’s neighbourhoods. The aim is to promote interaction between people from different communities through a series of shows and artistic gatherings which will include various beats and cultural trends, letting us to feel the true pulse of the city.

8 June


DJ Ricardo Alves





4 Continentes

The Middle East, 1972. A new generation of musicians begins to incorporate the new amplified sounds of the West into traditional Eastern music, accompanied by traditional Arab musical instruments such as the darabouka, saz and qanun.

Los Angeles, 2018. French American Thomas Bellier launches AL-QASAR in tribute to this musical movement, mixing the sounds of psychedelic garage rock with the traditional instruments of the Arab world. The texts in classical Arabic talk of chaos, oppression, addiction, but also passion and freedom. On stage, Thomas will be accompanied by Moroccan singer Simo Bouamar (Speed Caravan). These will be joined by Algerian electric oud virtuoso Mehdi Haddab (Speed Caravan, Ekova, Africa Express) and percussionist Amar Chaoui from the Tuareg of Mali Tinariwen. Guillaume Theoden (Blaak Heat) will be on bass and Paulo Void (Stamp) on drums. With roots in four continents, the project is an uncomplicated attack on sectarianism. More than a timid fusion between East and West, Al-Qasar is the culmination of various musical traditions, the first Arab psychedelic garage rock group.