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Lisboa Mistura Festival


Ribeira das Naus

How to get there?

This event has already happened
07 — 10 Jun - 2018
Thursday to Sunday

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Ribeira das Naus

How to get there?

This event has already happened
07 — 10 Jun - 2018
Thursday to Sunday

Organization: Sons da Lusofonia; Directed by: Carlos Martins; Programming: Constanze Juergens; Assistant: Inês Lobo; Production Manager: Paulo Sousa Martins; Technical Direction: Rui Guerreiro; Support: Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior

Lisboa Mistura has established itself as a meeting point of cultures, within the context of a growing city. The Ribeira das Naus, on the banks of the Tagus, is the natural location for a party which brings together music and culture, with a strong urban, social and political dimension. This year, Lisboa Mistura returns to Festas de Lisboa and celebrates Portugal's national day and the interculturality with a gathering of artists, thinkers, constructors of ideas and projects and renowned national and international artists. Along with more urban sounds, there’ll be projects from the suburbs with OPA (Mobile Arts Workshop), which supports artistic training and creation as a vehicle for active citizenship.


June 7th


B.Leza, 10pm

Sounds of Lusophony - Past and Present

Talk and DJ Set

With: Núria Rito Pinto, DJ Johnny e Carlos Martins

Portugal will increase its position at the world center stage as it increases its transatlantic role. There are many stories yet to be told. The music produced nowadays in Portugal has its origines in the sounds and musics from the past, from the portuguese speaking african countries and Brazil. Everything is connected.



June 8th

Ribeira das Naus

Street Food from 4pm


Sunset Mistura DJ set with Cigarra, 7pm

Cigarra is DJane and producer from São Paulo. Brazilian rhythms add up in her set of contagious low frequencies and hipnotic and seductive cuts.

Nice Groove, 9pm and 10.30pm

Nice Groove - Batucada Lusófona is a sociocultural project that aims to bring people together from the most varied backgrounds through art, involving the public and showing that music can be played by everyone.

Da Cruz, 9.30pm

Forget Samba. Forget the incredible tricks of Brazilian football. There are no clichés here. Da Cruz’s new album, Eco do Futuro, combines kwaito, baile funk, afrobeat, dub and hip hop and alludes to a modern and urban Brazil, with revolution and resignation. Mariana Da Cruz was born and raised in São Paulo. She has lived in Switzerland for 10 years.

Metá Metá, 11pm

Thiago França (saxophone), Kiko Dinucci (guitar and vocals) and Juçara Marçal (vocals) together form Metá Metá, a Brazilian band which is considered one of the most important groups in the new music which is making its way over the Atlantic. in 2016, they released MM3, a record which is deeply marked by the socio-political situation that has beset Brazil in recent years.



June 9th

Open rehersal: OPA - Oficina Portátil de Artes 2018

Biblioteca de Marvila, 3pm

This year OPA - has set anchor at Biblioteca de Marvila. As a way of celebration the last rehersal is open to the public. Come have a look at what the concert at Ribeira das Naus, on the 10th, will be like.


Ribeira das Naus

Street Food from 4pm


Sunset Mistura with DJ Johnny, 6pm

The name doesn’t go unnoticed. After all, he’s been deejaying for 20 years, from parties at underground clubs to music festivals. The musical universe of DJ Johnny includes a crossover of jazz, soul, hip hop, semba and afro dancehall reggae with the more modern language of dance music.

Nice Groove, 8pm, 9.30pm, 11pm

They Must Be Crazy, 8.30pm

A new afrobeat band, based in Lisbon, consisting of Portuguese and Angolan musicians. The sounds range from afrobeat to afro-funk, with Fela Kuti-inspired influences from West Africa.

Batida apresenta: IKOQWE, 10pm

Warning: this is not convenient for those involved. It’s just inevitable. Pedro Coquenão and Luaty Beirão are IKOQWE: brain tickling, lower belly liberation, a closed fist in the air and an open and warm heart inside.

Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics, 11.30pm

Orlando Julius Ekemode, saxophonist, singer and composer, is a pioneer of afrobeat and African/Afro-American crossover music. He’s returned to international stages with the London acid jazz band The Heliocentrics, specialising in bringing great legends of African music to contemporary audiences.



June 10th

Ribeira das Naus

Street Food from 2pm

Rythms Workshop with Nice Groove Portugal, 4pm


Modo Portátil AlCante Coro Alentejano e Projecto Com Voz, 5pm

Modo Portátil is a project belonging to the Oficina de Artes Portáteis (a part of the Associação Sons da Lusofonia). It aims to discover and map new talent in the areas of hip hop, rap, breakdancing and graffiti in the city of Lisbon.

OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes, 6.30pm

An educational and artistic project with intercultural roots. Promoted by the Associação Sons da Lusofonia, over the last few years it has worked with hundreds of youths from different backgrounds and neighbourhoods in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The artistic areas worked on include African dances, hip hop, capoeira, rap, acoustic pop and unprecedented crossovers of these different areas, such as a hip hop/rap philharmonic band accompanied by piano. OPA continues to grow, with new projects coming to new neighbourhoods and this year the young artists will present the music that gives them roots and the neighbourwoods that give them a house: Amadora, Cova da Moura, Alverca, Baixa da Banheira, Rio de Mouro and Chelas.

with: Máry M., SXR, CADI, Primo, Rafa G ft Mariv’s, Tchillz No Billz e DJ Kope.

Nice Groove, 8pm

Bitori, 8.30pm

The legend of Funaná. Bitori recorded his first album in 1997, at 59 years of age. But Victor Tavares’ adventure in music began much earlier, in 1954. He is an inspiration across several generations, drawing crowds to his shows with his unique technique, energy and style.