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Exchanged words with Sérgio Godinho

Sérgio Godinho returns to Campo Pequeno for a night of emotions. A return home, to the stage, after the show “Três Cantos”, alongside José Mário Branco and Fausto, in 2009. On March 23, he shares this stage and his songs with other friends, accomplices in music and life.

At the Aljube Museum, another symbolic stage, we talked with Sérgio Godinho about the concert that anticipates the celebration of the overcoming of democracy in a day about the dictatorship (on the 24th). We couldn't help but celebrate it and that's why, exceptionally, the Abril in Lisbon program starts earlier!

In this temporal and musical journey, the songs were the starting point for us to talk about the person, the creator and the performer.

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