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Do you remember these winning sardines?

Ana Sofia Bragança (2011)
Matilha Cycle Crew (2012)
Bruno Silva (2013)
Ana F. Borges (2014)
Alberto Faria (2015)
Natalie Mavrota (2016)
Antonio Aragüez (2017)
Paulo Veiga aka Paveia (2018)
Ana Filipa Olímpio Curly (2019)

Over ten editions of the Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest, we discovered how a simple silhouette of a sardine can transform itself into thousand other things: from a fado singer to a traditional shoe, or even a sardine made of plastic found on portugueses beaches. In this gallery we look back to nine sardines that, since 2011, were amongst the winners of this unique creativity contest that reached the whole world! Let yourself be inspired and perhaps your sardine may be the next one!