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Christmas in Lisbon

Interior of the Church of Our Lady of Fátima in a photograph taken from the altar, with the Gospel Collective choir (back to the viewer) and audience in the audience (facing the viewer)
Credit: José Frade
Interior of a church with a choir acting next to the altar and several people seated in front of it. These are with their backs to the observer
Credit: José Frade
Interior of the Church of Santo António
Church of Santo António © José Frade/EGEAC
Group of people sitting inside Radha Krishna Temple.
Oriental Xmas - (c) José Frade / EGEAC
Several children, sideways to the viewer, wearing white shirts and colorful scarves around their necks, sing in front of the conductor (left of image)
Credit: José Frade
In a church setting, a concert that includes a harp, string instruments and a choir
Credit: José Frade
Three men play the lute, darbuka and fidula - respectively from left to right of the observer
Credit: José Frade
On a circular church altar, people dressed in colorful vests sing sideways to the viewer. Around you are several people sitting watching
Credit: José Frade

Christmas in Lisbon is the stage for all meetings, with sounds ranging from gospel to chamber music, including choral music and Andalusian music. There were concerts in churches – as is already tradition – but in 2017 we entered other places of worship in the city, such as the Ismaili Center in Lisbon and the Radha Krishna Temple.