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The Festas de Lisboa’22 Sardine Contest is underway and this year there are two good reasons to create some brilliant sardines: the return of the Festas de Lisboa and Parque Mayer’s hundredth anniversary celebrations. We look forward to another contest full of glamour, colour and talent.

The competition is now officially open and runs until 4 April. It’s aimed at a creative world which knows no borders: Portuguese or foreign, young or old, individual or joint entries, first-timers or returning contestants. Everyone is invited to participate in this EGEAC-promoted initiative.

There are no barriers to competing, so let your imagination run free. In terms of creativity, the only rule is originality; let inspiration do the rest. At this 12th edition, we’re celebrating the long and rich history of Parque Mayer (the centre of bohemian Lisbon and birthplace of the high point of the Festas de Lisboa: the street parades known as the Marchas Populares) which serves as the theme for this year’s competition.

Have you ever imagined what depictions of culture you could fit within the outline of a sardine? It’ll be a tight squeeze! “Films, parades and sardines”; “Fado, clubbing and sardines”; “Circus, dancers and sardines”; “Festivals, cabarets and sardines”; “Operetta, tango and sardines”?

On this hundredth anniversary of Parque Mater, the Sardine will take the leading role!

This year, Turma da Sardinha (Sardine Class) is making a return too, in a contest exclusively for children in primary or lower secondary education.  And there’ll also be a prize for the coolest sardine in school.

We’ll be selecting a total of six winning designs; five winners will receive a prize of €1500, plus the winner of Turma da Sardinha, who will receive a prize worth €2000.

Entrants (both individuals and partnerships) can put forward a maximum of three sardines, which must be submitted by 18.00 on 4 April.

The winning designs will be announced by 31 May.


See here contest regulations and check the FAQ section or contact EGEAC on concursosardinhas@culturanarua.pt.

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