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Dancing in the garden

The class of brazilian dances was the first, but there are more to follow: iberian, african and latino. Come and join us in a garden close to you.

There is still more to come. Starting next sunday.

2 september
Pala do Pavilhão de Portugal, 6pm
Latin Dances

9 september
Miradouro Capela de Santo Amaro, 6pm
Iberian Dances

16 september
Jardim Eucaliptal de Benfica, 6pm
African Dances


Danças Brasileiras / Quinta das Conchas ©José Frade/EGEAC
Danças Brasileiras / Quinta das Conchas ©José Frade/EGEAC
Danças Brasileiras / Quinta das Conchas ©José Frade/EGEAC
Danças Brasileiras / Quinta das Conchas ©José Frade/EGEAC

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