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Everything You Need to Know about the Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest’20

Do you have any question? You're in the right place!

I can’t find the contest regulation, where is it?
You can find the regulation here.


I can’t find the silhouette, where is it?
You can find the silhouette here (page 7).


What’s the contest’s closing date?
The contest closes on the 30th of April, at 6 p.m. Until then, you can send us your sardines. Please, read attentively the regulations here.


I’m underage, may I still apply?
Yes, you may. However, you’ll have to ask your legal guardian to apply with you. Please make sure you’ll choose the “underage” option when registering.


I have an underage child, what should I do?
You’ll have to register together, although the candidate (author) will be the underage child.


Which data will I need, being underage?
Underage candidates will need their data (name, email, etc.), as well as the legal guardian’s name, email address and telephone contact. The emails of the candidate and of the legal guardian will have to be different.


Does my underage child need an email address to apply?
Yes, you’ll need to have two different email addresses: one for the underage candidate and another one for the legal guardian.


How can I send you my sardine?
After register on the website, and completing the application, the candidate should submit the proposals on the website. If you have a 3D sardine you must photograph or scan it and then submit it as a file together with the application form. The file should be sent as JPEG/JPG (size up to 50 MB), on a format A3 (42 x 29,7 cm) and a resolution of 300 dpi.


May I send you my proposal via postal service?
Yes, you can. Please be aware of the format and weigh imitation defined on the regulation.


If I send it via postal service, should I submit it my registration online?
You may do it online or sending us the registration form attached to the regulation.


Which formats and file sizes are allowed online?
The proposals should be presented as:
JPEG/JPG files (size up to 50 MB), on a format A3 (42 x 29,7 cm) and a resolution of 300 dpi;
The video proposals should be presented as MPEG/MPG or MOV files (size up to 50 MB).


How many sardines may I submit?
Each author may only submit a maximum of three proposals.


How can I alter a sardine I’ve already submitted?
You can change it while the contest is on, logging in on the website (using your registered data), and accessing “My Sardines”. There, clicking on “see sardine”, you can alter the previous submitted file.


Which prize does the winner receive?
Each one of the 6 winner proposals will receive €1500 (tax free).


How are the Honorable Mentions chosen?
The 3 (three) honorable mentions will be chosen by public vote through the social networks, starting from a pre-selection of the jury of the contest, which exclud the 6 (six) winning sardines.


What are the Honorable Mentions prize?
Each of the three Honorable Mentions of the Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa'20 Contest will receive a non-cash prize, to be defined by EGEAC.


When will the winner be announced?
The winner will be announced until 31st of May 2020 on the contest’s website and Festas de Lisboa facebook page. The winners will be informed by email or telephone.


I still have a few questions, can you help me?
Please feel free to write to us via concursosardinhas@culturanarua.pt . We will answer you as soon as possible.


Is it possible, for a company, NGO, association, etc, to join the contest?
Yes, there is a specific form to register institutional/Entity applications.


How many sardines can I send, as an entity?
Each author, part of the institution, can only participate with a maximum of 3 proposals of sardine.

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