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Opening of a very special collection


EGEAC brings you the second instalment of this project, following on from the Spring – Summer Collection which took place in April and May. This Friday (15 October) the Autumn – Winter Collection gets underway and will once again fill up the window displays of some of the oldest shops in Lisbon’s downtown with a new collection of contemporary art.

From several generations and with different approaches in the field of visual arts, all of the invited artists created installations which will be on display until 15 November.

A Carioca – Ana Pérez-Quiroga
Barbearia Oliveira – Barbearia Moderna – Vasco Araújo
Ferragens Guedes – Ângela Ferreira
Ginginha sem Rival – Francisco Vidal
Livraria Bertrand – Adriana Proganó
Livraria Trindade – Sara Chang Yan
Luvaria Ulisses – Sara & André
Manuel Tavares – Ana Vidigal
Ourivesaria Sarmento – Isabel Cordovil

From Rossio to Chiado, this is a different kind of art tour which will take in historic shops and works of art created using a range of techniques. A special Autumn – Winter Collection, immune to passing trends, which aims to draw our attention to the city’s heritage and memory and to promote local business, as well as bringing people together and providing different showcases for contemporary art.

Between 15 October and 15 November, these installations can be visited separately, or as part of a tour.



Livraria Trindade
Rua do Alecrim, 32/36
Sara Chang Yan (n. 1982)
Discover one through the other, 2021

A Carioca
Rua da Misericórdia, 9
Ana Pérez-Quiroga (n. 1960)
Everyday Breviary #8 – A Carioca, 2021

Livraria Bertrand
Rua Garrett, 73
Adriana Proganó (n. 1992)
Why can’t I fit in?, 2021

4 Luvaria Ulisses
Rua do Carmo, 87- A
Sara & André (n.1980, n.1979)
Gloves of 22 famous artists, 2021

Ourivesaria Sarmento
Rua Áurea, 251
Isabel Cordovil (n. 1994)
Wedding rings for a second hand, 2021

Manuel Tavares – Garrafeira e Mercearia Fina
Rua da Betesga, 1A/B
Ana Vidigal (n. 1960)
Do not break (even in case of emergency), 2021

7 Barbearia Oliveira – Barbearia Moderna
Rua D. Antão de Almada, 4 H
Vasco Araújo (n.1975)
Willing to change, 2021

Ginjinha sem Rival
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 7
Francisco Vidal (n. 1978)
Painting studies on the Eduardino Liqueur label, 2021

Ferragens Guedes
Rua Portas Santo Antão, 32
Ângela Ferreira (n. 1958). Narelle Jubelin (n. 1960)
Crossing the Line, 1999 – 2021

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