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The Creative Contest of the Year has already started

The Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest will run from Thursday, 5th March, till 6th April and is open to everyone: those who’ve already taken part, those who used to, those who do every year and those who never have. Portuguese or foreign, young or old, individually or as part of a group, what matters is taking part!

All sardines are welcome, even those put away in a drawer somewhere can now be recycled and reinvented. But there’s more: in addition to digital submissions, we’re once again accepting 3-dimensional entries for those who prefer traditional mail.

Create your sardine with complete freedom; there’s no theme, but almost anything could serve as a pretext to take part: Design a sardine. It's a piece of cake!

To mark the tenth edition of the contest, we’ll be increasing the number of prize-winning sardines to six, each winning a prize of €1,500.

Like last year, the public will decide who gets this year’s three honourable mentions through a vote on social networks. All in all, we’ll be distinguishing 10 sardines, all of which will feature in the Festas de Lisboa’20 communication campaign.

All winners will be announced by 31st May.

With Lisbon being named European Green City 2020, we embark on this month of intense creativity with renewed enthusiasm. Just like the environment, the Sardine is a mission for us all! No excuses. Design a Sardine. It's a piece of cake!

If you have any queries, please see the Contest regulations, check the FAQ section or contact EGEAC: concursosardinhas@culturanarua.pt.

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