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Words of April in March

April in Lisbon, a programme of events organised by EGEAC for several years now, will arrive early this year, because on 24 March we’ll be celebrating the day when democracy began to overcome the dictatorship.

We’ll be writing the words of women from different generations across the streets, because it was on the streets that so much took place. Words chosen for this special moment in the country’s history.

Synonyms for April spoken by characters (some more unexpected than others) will also feature at this edition of April in Lisbon and can be discovered on the Cultura na Rua social networks: revolution, struggle, freedom, opening up, law, democracy, voice, choice, spring, new beginnings, celebration…

The word will also be the star of Sérgio Godinho’s show, who’ll be sharing the Campo Pequeno stage with several other artists to mark the first day of the rest of our lives in democracy.

For 48 years, not a day passed without censorship. The regime chose the words that the Portuguese could or could not read, hear, see, know. And that’s why we’ll be presenting the exhibition “Prohibited due to Inconvenience – Censorship materials in the ARQUIVO EPHEMERA”. Created by Júlia Leitão de Barros and Carlos Nuno, using the contents of José Pacheco Pereira’s archive and library, it shows, in the words of the historian, “what freedom is, through its denial”.

On the fourth floor of the Aljube Museum (which occupies a former prison from the Estado Novo period), the public can leave their own contribution on what the revolution was and is, in the form of art: images, ideas and, of course, words.

The Political Festival returns to São Jorge Cinema with Disinformation as its central theme and the war in Europe as a backdrop. There’ll be films, music, debates, performances, shows and conversations about the power and dangers of words.

A celebration of democracy and freedom, the April in Lisbon 2022 programme takes on a special relevance in the current context. Let peace also be the watchword.




April in Lisbon is an EGEAC/Public Space Programming with Museu do Aljube and Cinema São Jorge.

PARTNERS: GAU (Galeria de Arte Urbana do Departamento de Património Cultural da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa), Junta de Freguesia de Misericórdia, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior, Junta de Freguesia de Santo António

SUPPORT: Emel, Empark, Luso

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