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Spring-Summer Collection: 10 plastic artists, 10 stores with history

Spring - Summer Collection: 10 plastic artists, 10 Lojas com História is the name of the project that dresses traditional and historic commerce windows with works by contemporary artists, drawing attention to this heritage and memory of the city and stimulating local commerce.

In a time of progressive discontinuity, we've launched a very special art collection in some of the city's most iconic stores. Several artists were invited to create a work of art in the window of some of the oldest and most emblematic stores in the Baixa-Chiado area:

Ferin Bookstore - Bárbara Assis Pacheco
Chapelaria Azevedo Rua - Eugénia Mussa
Butter Silva - Fernanda Fragateiro
The Goddess Shoe Store - Fernão Cruz
The World of the Book - Joana da Conceição
Au Petit Peintre - João Paulo Feliciano
Central Drugstore - João Queiroz
Buttuller House - ± maismenos ±
Ferreira Marques Jewelry - Miguel Palma
Casa Macário - Tomás Cunha Ferreira

The guest artists, from various generations and with different approaches in the field of visual arts, present works with different techniques, from painting to sculpture, some merging with works by shopkeepers, who are also artists. Creations designed in close collaboration with those responsible for commercial establishments, thus adding a new chapter to the already long history of these stores.

The installations will be on display between April 15th and May 15th and can be visited separately or en route.


The World of the Book
Trinity Square 11-13
Joan of Conception
From within, 2021

Ferin Bookstore
R. Nova do Almada, 72
Barbara Assis Pacheco
Freedom, 2021

Au Petit Peintre
R. de São Nicolau, 104
John Paul Feliciano
Shop Window with Art History, 2021

Central Drugstore
R. da Prata, 192
João Queiroz
Untitled, 2021

Macarius House
Rua Augusta, 272
Tomás Cunha Ferreira
Bombolé , 2021

The Goddess Shoe Store
December 1st, 9th
Fernão Cruz
Body and Plinth , 2021

Ferreira Marques Jewelry
Rossio Square, 7/9
Miguel Palma placeholder image
Dead Time , 2021

Silva Butter
RD Antao de Almada, 1 C and D
Fernanda Fragateiro
(No) Forget , 2021

Azevedo Rua Headgear
Praça D. Pedro IV, 73
Eugenia Mussa
Olissipolis , 2021

Buttuller House
R. Bairros Queirós, 37, 39
±more less±
Type of State , 2021

The World of the Book ©José Frade
Joan of Conception ©José Frade
Barbara Assis Pacheco ©José Frade
João Paulo Feliciano ©José Frade
João Queiroz ©José Frade
Tomás Cunha Ferreira © José Frade
Casa Macário ©José Frade
Shoe Shop The Goddess ©José Frade
Shoe Shop The Goddess ©José Frade
Miguel Palma © José Frade
Ferreira Marques Jewelry ©José Frade
Fernanda Fragateiro ©José Frade
Headgear Azevedo Rua ©José Frade
Eugénia Mussa ©José Frade
±moreless± ©José Frade
Buttuller House ©José Frade

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