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Find out more about the jury that will choose the Sardines of the year

Carolina Deslandes, Filipe Melo, Luís Royal and Joana Astolfi “fish” the 10 best sardines from this year's school

Singer and composer Carolina Deslandes, musician, film director and comic book author Filipe Melo, designer and creative director at BÁ Studio Luís Royal and artist, architect and designer Joana Astolfi accepted our invitation to select the best sardines in the competition of this year, joining in this mission the creative director Jorge Silva of the “paternal” sardine workshop – Silvadesigners.


Carolina Deslandes

He is one of the greatest artists of the current generation of Portuguese singers and composers. With millions of views on Youtube, it has followed a meteoric path since its debut, asserting itself as one of the biggest references not only in the digital universe but in contemporary national music.


Filipe Melo

He is a musician, film director and comic book author. From an early age, he developed a passion for piano and improvisation. He studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He works as a pianist, composer and orchestrator. In the area of cinema, he was the creator of several cult projects. In 2019, he received the trophy of honor at the Amadora BD festival.


Luis Royal

Born in Madeira but loves living in Lisbon. He graduated in industrial design but is creative director at BÁ Studio. He has written about design for newspapers and magazines and has signed several blogs. He still experimented with museology but it was with ceramics that he made hismidlife crisis and now can't stop. Is addicted to objects and all the phenomena of material culture


Joana Astolfi

Joana Astolfi is an architect, visual artist, collector and voyeur. In 2009, he sets up Studio Astolfi, a studio with a team of 20 employees (architects, designers, artisans and sculptors) which has two departments (Architecture and Art) and is dedicated to the rehabilitation of spaces, interior design, window dressing, scenography , creation of artistic installations and design of author pieces.


Jorge Silva

Communication designer, Jorge Silva specialized in newspapers and magazines, and with them he won, between 2000 and 2004, 40 awards from the American Society for News Design, for his work as designer and art director at O Independente, at Público e in Lx Metropolis magazine. With the atelier silvadesigners, founded in 2001, he invented a sardine that became the genuine image of Lisbon, the city where he was born.

Carolina Deslandes
Filipe Melo
Luis Royal
Joana Astolfi
Jorge Silva

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