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The Contest Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa is back. Ten years and almost 50 thousand sardines later, we started a new creative season.

To mark a decade of healthy competition, we celebrate the participatory dimension that made this competition organized by EGEAC famous, not just in Lisbon, but in the country and all over the world.

This year there are no honorable mentions, the sardines chosen by the jury will all be winners and there are 10 that we will distinguish this year, under the motto: 10 years, 10 sardines. The winners will each be awarded a prize worth €1,000.

Since the first edition (in 2011) and until today, among many saints and pimples, but also some crows, cats and even masks, we received a total of 49034 sardines. Digital and three-dimensional proposals, by renowned authors and virtuous amateurs, with political, historical, simply graphic or abstract themes, from Lisbon and the world. (the whole story, at the link below)

There are only 966 sardines to go until we reach 50,000, but we want to go even further on this anniversary. From year to year we have proven that in terms of creativity, imagination is really fertile and that is why the desired equation is simple: 10 years, 10 sardines = 10 thousand proposals.

Individually or in co-authorship, a maximum of three sardines per application, proposals must be submitted by 6 pm on May 24th and the main requirement is originality.

Winners will be announced by June 8th.

See the competition rules, create your sardines and submit your proposals on here.


All doubts can be clarified through the FAQ or sent to EGEAC, through the address:

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