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The Thrones of Santo António are arriving

June is almost upon us and so are the Thrones of Santo António. The collective street exhibition takes place on June 5th and 6th and registration to participate starts this Saturday, May 15th.

EGEAC - Cultura na Rua and the Museu de Lisboa - Santo António invite, once again, all the people of Lisbon to revive the memory and tradition of the Thrones of Santo António.

Participation is open to everyone: children and adults, individuals and collectives, small alfacinhas or adopted, devout religious or fervent unbelievers.

Enrollments take place from 15 to 30 May at the Lisbon Museum - Santo António (Largo de Santo António da Sé) or online by sending the registration form and participation declaration available here and on the Lisbon Museum website, to the address

The street exhibition takes place on the 5th and 6th of June, so the thrones must be on display, in the doors or windows of the city's streets, obligatorily on these days and, optionally, until the end of the month.

The Museum of Lisbon - Santo António offers the structures of the thrones to anyone who wants to. Afterwards, the participants just have to decorate the thrones with the materials they want and place them, for all to see, on the door, window or balcony.

The only conditions are the inclusion of the figure of Saint Anthony on the throne and its exhibition, so that they can be seen and photographed, at the address indicated in the inscription.

An exhibition script will be created, which will be available here and at, so that everyone can appreciate the creativity of Lisboners. Then, it is up to each participant to decide whether to keep the Throne of Santo António in the street until the end of the month.


Conditions of participation

Application form

Authorization statement - of legal age

Authorization statement - minors

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