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Com'Out Lisbon

This event is already something of a tradition during the last days of summer, both for those who’ve stayed in Lisbon and those returning. The city’s gardens and squares will be transformed into concert halls and cinemas, open-air dance floors, travelling libraries or the sets for plays. And it is at these improbable, open-air stages (both in the city centre and in the outskirts), that we immerse ourselves in the emotion of fado, the lightness of jazz, the relaxation of a group dance or the story of a book.

In August and September, we’ll be doing it all again: under the shade of a tree, spread out your blanket and be pleasantly surprised by what this festival has to offer. One of the highlights will be the classical music concert performed by the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Vale do Silêncio.

Lisboa na Rua, the one and only!


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