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Lisbon Festivities

In Lisbon, the month of June is synonymous with the festivities known as the Festas de Lisboa, a unique time of the year that involves the community and attracts thousands of people annually.

Nowadays, the Festas de Lisboa are a space for innovation and renewal in the city, for interaction between different artistic genres and their audiences. But they also serve to preserve and, in some cases, revive traditions which have defined Lisbon’s character, such as the Marchas Populares (street parades), Casamentos de Santo António (St Anthony’s weddings), Arraiais Populares (street festivities) or the Tronos de Santo António (St Anthony’s Thrones).

And there’ll be no shortage of sardines either. As the Festas de Lisboa’s trademark, for over a decade the sardine has inspired artists (both professionals and amateurs) from around the world to participate in an international contest in creativity.

Nothing compares to the Festas de Lisboa!


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