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Contest Sardines Festas de Lisboa' 21

Ten years and almost 50 thousand sardines later, we started a new creative season, through the Concurso Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa'21, under the motto 10 years, 10 sardines! And to mark a decade of healthy competition, we celebrate the participatory dimension that made this competition organized by EGEAC famous, not just in Lisbon, but in the country and all over the world.



Contest Sardines Festas de Lisboa'20

We arrived at the 10th Contest Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa. The competition is open to everyone: those who have already participated, those who have never participated, those who no longer participate and those who participate every year. Draw a sardine. No pimples!



Great Lisbon March'20

As is tradition, EGEAC once again invites all authors to create the composition (lyrics and music) of the Grande Marcha de Lisboa, which will be performed by all participating marches, either in the Altice Arena exhibitions or in the Popular Marches parade at Avenida da Liberdade, at night in Santo António.



Popular Arraials'20

Decked out with wreaths and garlands, to the sound of lively music and the exclusive aroma of grilled sardines, Lisbon's neighborhoods are even more beautiful at parties in honor of the city's patron saint. They are the Arraiais Populares, of course!


Arraiais Application Form